Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy things to end the week with

some flowers for your friday, via tinywhitedaisies

Pumpkins everywhere! In my latte, in the french toast we had for breakfast, on people's front steps...

Late September sunshine means I've got my flip-flops back out of the closet for a few more days.

Dylan's joy at coming 168th in the district cross-country race this week. "Wow, Mum! That is a really high number! I did great!"

Fridays spent in my library.

Making plans to finally finish the living room reno {there's not much left to do, but what there is will make such a difference}

Calling out to the boys and having Dylan reply, "Oui?"

{speaking of speaking French} 
The letter I got from Em yesterday.

It's October tomorrow. You know what that means... Thanksgiving! And Halloween! Yay! I love them both. 

Happy Friday, friends. Hope you've got some fabulous plans for the weekend...
E xo


  1. happy Friday dear friend! I cant believe that October is here already! Hope you've been feeling better.

  2. happy last day of september! crazy eh? but i'm so ready for the holiday months. i love this time of year!

  3. So I am a day late so first things first - I wish you a happy October! The weather has done exactly the same here and decided to reach up to 26C today - crazy! I love that Dylan is now thinking in French too!
    Must catch up this weekend.


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