Friday, September 02, 2011

Flowers for your Friday {back-to-school edition}

I can't believe it's Friday again already, and that August is over! It was a long, lovely month and I really enjoyed it to its fullest. August was all about sunshine and blue skies and time spent on the beach with friends. How can you go wrong with a month like that? You can't! 

Now it's September and everything's about to change. I felt the chill in the air today as I watered the garden and stacked some firewood {okay, I didn't actually stack it... I just tossed it onto a giant pile in the woodshed}. I had to go inside to get a sweater! The days are getting shorter, the darkness is coming more quickly each evening, and there are leaves on the ground. I don't mind though. I'm looking forward to the piles of leaves in the yard and the pumpkins on the doorstep,  to wearing my tights every day and stopping for a pumpkin spice latte on the way to work. I'm even looking forward to having a fire in the woodstove and to smelling the woodsmoke in the evening air {despite all the work that's involved and dust that it creates}.

I am sitting here at my desk, school supplies stacked up on the floor beside me, waiting to be labelled. The kitchen cupboards are stocked with granola bars and applesauce and fruit leather, the fridge full of cheese and bread and crunchy red apples. The boys have new lunchboxes and they can't wait to pack them. New school clothes are folded in drawers, waiting to be worn. First day outfits are all picked out!

Officially, today is the last day of summer vacation. After this it's the long weekend, and then on Tuesday the new school year begins. Dylan will be in Grade 1, Sawyer will be in his final year of preschool, and I will be a kindergarten teacher {and the school librarian of course! no way I'm giving up that gig...} 

The boys and I are going to spend the day downtown today, riding the harbour ferry and eating fish & chips {with ketchup} at Fisherman's Wharf, and maybe even getting an ice cream cone at the Beacon Drive-In afterwards. It's to be a celebration of the summer that was, and a nice way to welcome the autumn that lies ahead. Do you have something similar planned? You should! Because it's going to be fantastic.

I've really enjoyed all your comments this week. They made me smile, each and every one. So thanks. And happy, happy Friday to you!
E xo


  1. ohh, a real back to school bouquet. Have a nice weekend, I left you an award, which you can read about here

  2. What a lovely idea to round off a spectacular summer holiday and a great tradition to start I think.

    Love that you are all stocked up and ready to go come next week - well prepared and ready for action!

    Enjoy your day and I wish I could join you for those fish and chips.

  3. It makes me happy to read about how much you enjoyed August and how openly you're welcoming September! Your day with the boys sounds so fun. Enjoy those fish and chips and ice cream cones :)

  4. Sounds like a really perfect way to celebrate summer's end! Enjoy enjoy!!
    (We've had a few crisp days this week too and I love it!!)

  5. I seem to be doing this all in reverse!

    Have eaten fish and chips next to the seaside in Broadstairs, had a most delicious walnut flavoured icecream, 'SUNBATHED' for the first time this summer yesterday, rode some beachside swings with Jacob and dipped my toes in the sea for the last time.

    The weekend is preparation time for school on Monday but I shall say my goodbyes to summer somehow before I start work.

    Have a great start to your new term and shall keep looking in,

  6. This post sure gave me a reason to smile today! I love the way you write about fall and teaching. A chill in the air is what I look forward to all year! I love fall so very much. :)

    Glad you're pretty well prepared for the school year. Have fun with your boys this weekend! We have a game night scheduled this weekend but it's more just a semi-regular thing we host instead of a celebration of the end of summer. ah well! Maybe I'll do a fall-themed one soon.


  7. You're so lucky to have had the whole summer off to enjoy and relax. Enjoy your last few days.

  8. gettin' back into the routine -- I know how that goes. Hope the school year goes well for all three of you and that you have new adventures and can share them with an aspiring kindergarten teacher. :)

  9. I hope you have been able to make the most of your long weekend before school goes back. I think I am going to find it really hard this year when Summer rolls around and I don’t get any holidays  Oh Kindergarten will be fun and a challenge too, imagine the changes you will see in them over the year. Good luck on our first day back!


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