Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The first day of school

I've been doing this for 31 years now, heading back to school the day after Labour Day {with the exception of those few times I was home on mat leave}. Always different, but always the same too, through elementary school, junior high, high school, university, student teaching, and then into my own classroom. All through the years, I have headed back to school in September.

Today is that day. My lunch bag is packed, my school clothes are ironed, my hair's in pigtails. Ha! Just kidding. I'm not wearing pigtails, anymore. Other than that though,  it all feels just the same. That first morning feeling is back. And after all these years, somehow it never gets old. I am filled with a combination of dread {"how will I ever manage to get back into this routine after all that time off!? what if I do something completely ridiculous and look like a fool?"} and nervous anticipation, excited to see everyone again, to reconnect and share after a long and lovely summer. I'm looking forward to seeing the classrooms all prettied up, bulletin boards empty and awaiting the kids' artwork and "What I did this summer" stories. I'm excited for Dylan too, to be starting Grade 1 at his new école! I'd say he's pretty pumped too. It took him hours to finally fall asleep last night. Turns out he is just like his mum...

It's going to be a crazy week, so posting may be sporadic. But I promise lots of photos by the time Friday rolls around, okay? In the meantime, do tell... are you {or your kids} going back to school this week? And if you're not going back to school, do you wish you were? Do you remember those days fondly? Let's chat!

photo by contented sparrow


  1. I don't have kids so this routine ended years ago for me - but I'd happily go back, I loved school.
    I sometimes get the urge to wear pigtails! Enjoy your week. x

  2. happy back to school erin! wishing you a terrific year ahead where you have many moments of knowing how important you are as a teacher.

    i totally get that back to school feeling every year even though i am not in school and don't have kids. for me, it's much more a profound feeling of time passing, fresh starts, renewed energy than even a birthday or new years day is!

  3. I love school. I was away from it for a while, but then I started dating a boy doing a PhD and now I go back for night classes just because. My first day is next week though :)
    It is my favourite time of year, and I've always still bought my calendars according to it.
    Happy Back to School!

  4. Happy School Year, Erin!
    I'll be at school as soon as I find out which one!
    My son starts 1st grade on Monday! I'm so excited, though he keeps saying he doesn't want to go to school!

  5. Hahahaha...for a second I thought you really did put your hair in pigtails! I'm pretty sure that would have been adorable.

    Happy back to school day, Erin! I have oooooonnne more day of summer left, and I'm pretending that tomorrow isn't the start of school. Lallalalalala....my fingers are in my ears and I refuse to admit it's all over.

    Hope your first day is GREAT!

  6. Oh man I feel jittery just reading about it. I used to get so sick from nerves before school. .... until college. College has been euphoria and I think a lot of it is the freedom (choosing when you have class, if you want to leave to go to the bathroom). I'm a fan of the freedoms. I start Practicum in about two weeks which is a short student teacher stint then in spring I'll be teaching full time as a student teacher. I'm so nervous!

    I like the first couple of days because you see your friends again but now I look at it as adjustments to plans, kids in your class, and lessons.....

    Hope you have a lovely day Erin!

  7. oh the first days of school are so exciting! i really hope it's a fantastic first week back. i always LOVED heading back to school. for one thing i loved change, so even as a kid, i was ready for summer to be over and for something new to begin. when i was in college, the first days at school meant that all my friends would be back. i had an apartment in our tiny college town, but most friends lived in other cities and states. it was always so much fun to reconnect with my favorite people. grad school was a little different since school went mostly year round. we only had a couple weeks between summer classes and fall classes, but i was still really excited to go back and start all new classes in psychology. i LOVE to learn, and i really miss being in school sometimes. i suppose there's always a phd i could go for, if only there weren't so many school loans already! :)

    man all this school talk has made me so nostalgic for autumn back east. here in CA it's going to be pretty hot and summery for another month at least, but i'm ready for the changing leaves, my warm sweaters, and hot drinks by the fire.

  8. Enjoy your first day back to school, and hope Dylan has a great day starting Gr. 1!

    My daughter and I dropped my son off at the bus this morning. He was so happy to see his friends at the bus stop, but the true excitement was when he got to sit in the very last seat on the bus. He gave me a double thumbs up, and then they were off! Can't wait to hear how his day went.

  9. Good luck on your first day of school! It's so exciting. I remember I could never sleep at night, and I always doubled checked to make sure everything was packed perfectly. The only time I dreaded the first day was when I was in 2nd grade because I'd have to take the bus. We had just moved too so I knew I wouldn't know anyone on the bus. It was so scary! But a sweet girl who lived on the street next to mine invited me to sit next to her. That changed my world. Have fun today! And snap a photo of you in your first-day-of-school outfit!

  10. This is the first year I am not going back to school. I'm out of college and on a gap year this time but will have the 'going back to school' feeling next year! I kind of miss the whole, sorting out my clothes, packing my bag the night before - getting into a new timetable but it's also nice to be able to stay up late and watch films and wake up a bit later and not have to bother with 7am starts :) your job sounds great BTW, your making me want to become a teacher, what country do you work in?

    Hailes <3


  11. hope your first day teaching goes well -- the first day was always so exciting and giddy for me when I was a kid. Now that I'm in college, unfortunately, I am dreading the start of this year (tomorrow). Hopefully, I can shake off that feeling and take a page out of your book!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful first day back at school, with lots of freshly-sharpened pencils, excited little faces & perhaps even a pumpkin spice latte. XOXO!


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