Monday, August 15, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

It was a lovely weekend, full of sun and flowers and food. There was a Friday night bike ride, lots of time spent in the garden, and a fondue party with friends {I made two cheesecakes for dessert, frozen mocha and lively lime... yum to both!}. I got to sleep in twice, sit outside and read magazines, and I tried out a few pretty good quinoa recipes, complete with some veggies from our garden. I got some cleaning up done around the house, Alan made major progress on the new garden shed, and the boys willingly {and cheerfully!} helped out with both. We went for a Sunday evening swim, picked up some delicious deli food and enjoyed a relaxing night watching some pretty hilarious tv. And... I spent a lot of time sitting in my beautiful new office, a work {of art!} in progress {click on the photo below for a closer look at the loveliness}. If I can spend the last three weeks of summer this happy and relaxed, I won't complain. How was your weekend? I want to hear all about it!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, so nice that your boys helped you clean up. Brendan managed to get out of it today. I had a wonderful weekend, sometimes you really need a break from the daily grind. Your study looks so cosy!

  2. Your office is so beautiful! I mean, look at all that space you have!! And I'm glad to see Dylan is doing so well with his bike riding. Happy new week, Erin! May it be filled with more summer fun.

  3. That fondue looks SO GOOD. I'm jealous right now even though it is 10:30 on Monday morning. Is that Quinoa? :)

    Your office is super cute and clean! I can't have an open surface without it getting filled up within a day's time.

  4. Hello...your office has yellow walls. Automatically awesome. I'm intrigued by this school primer book I spot. And yikes, reminds me of all that needs to get done between now and September 6th...lawd help me! ;-)

  5. You are officially the champion of summer! You just have all of the fun things down and you always have a long list of wonderful ways to fill your day. I love it!

  6. That sounds like such a great weekend.
    Mine? not to dissimilar, allotment fruit picking with friends and hungry son, peppermint cream making with happy 'sneak the sweets as making' son, son going mad on swings in park, no sleep ins but at last we got a little bit of sun in Manchester UK so can't complain.

    Hello from Manchester!

  7. It IS a work of art. I'm so happy for you!!! It looks like you. What did I say about all the white? You love white!!
    PS. Thanks for the fun visit today.

  8. @Amanda- I know! SO me. I've got an old chair I'm going to paint white, too. And I'm hoping for some new curtains at some point too. AND I'm going to look around for some pretty knobs for the desk drawers... :)

    I had fun too. So did Sawyer. He cried half the way home!

  9. Totally sounds like the perfect kind of weekend! full, relaxing, and productive. The quinoa salad looks delicious, we've been making so many salads full of garden produce lately & I'm loving it.


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