Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy things to end the week with

This week has been busy. Dylan's been attending French immersion daycamp every afternoon out in Sidney, so we've been driving an hour or two every day, getting him there and back. He's loving it though, and I can tell he's getting excited about Grade One {which begins two weeks from Tuesday!} I've had some appointments too, and the gradual build-up to the beginning of the preshool year. So yes, a busy week. And quite a good one, too. Some happy things to end the week with:

 Let's start with some flowers for your Friday {as is tradition} and our flourishing veggie garden. 

 Getting to spend three fun-filled afternoons with my sister. Sawyer and I had a great time with her and Kilian while Dylan was at French camp in their neck of the woods. We drank lattes and diet Cokes {not at the same time!} and laughed a lot.

 Freezies! Sawyer likes the red, but I'm partial to the blue ones.

 Beautiful farmland on the Saanich Peninsula, and plenty of corn-on-the-cob!

 Have you read Flat Stanley? This is "Flat Dylan."

 And "Flat Sawyer!"

Getting to see my friend Nerine and meet her beautiful baby boy, Makayo. He's so tiny!

Other happy things this week:

* phone dates with Em
* reading a book in the bath
* White Zinfandel
* Christmas shopping for the Irish cousins!
* sunshine and blue skies every day
* a different vegetarian meal for dinner each night {so far, so good}
* skyping with Cassie
* Dylan's figured out how to "pop a wheelie!"
* sending off a few fun things in the mail
* getting the playroom re-organized and clearing out a lot of old crap
* crazy sales on school supplies {love me a new box of crayons!}
* lime sorbet... so good on a hot afternoon

How was your week? Have you got a lot to love this Friday? Do tell!
E xo


  1. love your sunflowers!! IT'S BEEN GREY HERE THIS WEEK, BUT SUNNY TODAY YIPPEEEE oops sorry for shouting haha

  2. Look at those sunflowers! And your boys having a lot of fun.

    New babies. I love cuddling with them. He's so precious.

    Sending fun things in the mail is bound to make the recipient happy :)

    My week has been great! x

  3. oh that tiny tiny baby makes my insides squeal! Also, just wanted to let you know I linked to your care package post in today's blinks. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, pretty lady!

  4. I adore Flat Stanley and have had so much fun with those books over the years teaching - lost track of the amount of 'flat children' I have helped make!

    Thank you for including me in your list this week and I hope you don't mind but your lovely post inspired me to write my own to wrap up the week too!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend and hopefully another one of those skype dates soon. xx

  5. oh flat stanley!! i used to read those to my students. how fun. and WOAH! that garden is amazing!! i'm so excited that you have all of that right at your fingertips. i feel like it's been so long since i was present in blogland, but it looks like things are going really well these last days of summer. yay!

  6. Hello my lovely friend - Thanks you so much for the beautiful cards I LOVE THEM! Should have brought them to work today to write letters - heehee shhhhhhhhh Congratulate Nerine from all of us Dylan will be delighted to see her little babe! HOLY Sunflowers they are HUGE! awesome!
    My kids love Flat Stanley too - hes great!

    Love and Hugs Kell
    Talk to you soon on my new phone - eeeeeeeeee so exciting - I feel like I have been blasted in from the past!

  7. it always seems like so much fun at the Pugh's house!!! <3 those smiles... and those flowers!

    what a gorgeous baby boy!

    and White Zinfandel-- enough said ;) ha

    cheers to a happy list! <3

    i've been incredibly out of sorts as of late and busy with work... i've missed you! but as i've said from the start of our friendship, coming to your blog feels like home. xoxoxo!

  8. that swing looks amazing. I wish I had one over here. Hope this week is shaping up nicely for you, too.


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