Wednesday, August 03, 2011

E & me {mailboxes}

If you read Em's blog {and you really should!}, you'll know that she and le mari are off on holiday in Brittany, on France's Atlantic coast. But before she left on les vacances, we got ourselves organized for this week's E & me, and next week's, too! We know how you look forward to our weekly photo project, oui?

Now Em and I, we love to send postcards, so I'm confident I'll be getting one or two from her whilst she is on her travels. I imagine she'll pop them in a mailbox like the yellow one below. 

We're keeping it easy for you this week {it being August and all}, and you don't need to guess which is which. Who needs to actually use their brain in the middle of a hot summer day, right? 
The red box is clearly the Canadian one. You're welcome.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the crazy lettering all over it isn't grafitti. It's Canadian postal codes. Fancy, eh?


  1. Huh, interesting. Ours is just a plain navy blue for the most part. I always liked the London mailboxes. I really like this idea of comparing the two nations.

  2. haha I remember telling my US friend my postal code she seemed so confused that there's letters in it!

  3. i was totally expecting to see a london mailbox on your side. sometimes i get confused about where you live since really, your heart lives in two places, right? :)

  4. i wish our mailboxes were just as pretty!!!

    your postcards/cards/letters are ALWAYS my favorite. xo


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