Wednesday, August 31, 2011

E & me {church}

It's not even Sunday, but how about a few beautiful churches to admire on today's edition of E & me? They're both lovely, non? 

I especially like the spires on top of the left one. They remind me of the old CBC kids' show, The Friendly Giant! Remember Jerome the giraffe? And that big chair for two to curl up in? {does anyone know what I'm talking about?}

Anyway... back to the churches. Can you guess which one is in Victoria and which is in Em's French town of Annecy? I'll give you a hint. My one is quite a bit older. Bet you weren't expecting that, were you?


  1. I LOVE churches and cathedrals. We put so much time and thought into their architecture (vs a brick office building). They are beautiful. In Harrisonburg we have a few that are done up really nice too.

    When Noah and I were on a band trip in Britain during high school we visited many cathedrals (around 15 or so in a two week period). All the other band kids/chaperones were getting tired of them but we loved them to the end. This is one of the few times when I think "majestic" is truly appropriate.

    I love both of the churches you're showing. The one on the right is quite hypnotic in it's appeal. I could just sit outside and stare at it.

  2. I love churches and cathedrals, they are always so majestic and spectacular!

    Hmmmm...My guess is that your church is the one on the right, the white one :)

    Both churches are beautiful :)


  3. I'm guessing the one on the left is yours, but that's only because I may recognise those lamp posts from an earlier post of yours.

    I found a lamp post here in Kent where I'm visiting. I put it on my blog for you ( a few posts ago) as your earlier post on lamp posts has had me searching for a half decent one since!

    Oh heck that's far too many posts!!!!

  4. jerome the giraffe! oh how happy you just made me with that memory!

  5. I love churches too and I was surprised that yours was the older one. I saw the most amazing churches in Malta, with magical painted domes inside. But the spires on the one on the left are straight out of a story book.


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