Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back-to-school wishlist

So school starts a week from today. A week! Gaaah!  I've got some actual back-to-school shopping I need to do over the next few days, mostly practical and must-have items. But, I've been doing some imaginary shopping too. Want to see some of the goodies on my wish list? I thought so.

For popping sweet little notes in lunchboxes. 

I love grey. And fleece. And cardigans. This covers all three.

Casual and cool. Perfect for teaching kindergarten. And, it has to be said, I look fabulous in green!

Hilarious! I must have this.

Waking up at the crack of dawn might be nicer if I had this awesome retro alarm clock.

via moop
The messenger bag in brushed brown. I'm in love.

Nap mats for my kindergarten classroom. Wonder if they make them in adult size too?

A Mrs Pugh name banner to hang up in my library? Umm, yes please.

Also on my list: a cool, grown-up lunch kit, funky new reading glasses, a new and beautiful lesson plan book, and plenty of sharpie markers {in every colour}...

How about you? Are you dreaming of back-to-school clothes and supplies, too?


  1. I'm not going back to teaching nor is Noah ready for school yet but I find myself wanting everything on this back to school list. How lovely!

  2. Love the outfit idea definitely and I had that bag saved in my etsy favourites after seeing it and thinking of you! It is absolutely perfect for you!

  3. PS: Did you see these - Love the template and the stamp set is gorgeous too - http://thatshappy.blogspot.com/2011/08/wooden-goodies.html

  4. What a great list, I love all of these !! Especially the gray, black and green outfit. Perfect !!

    Bisous :)

  5. I saw that I like big books bag and loved it! I think you have to have it.

    I think the little notes would be cute to put lunchboxes. How sweet would that be?!

    Plus I got your awesome postccard in the mail! I will have to send something back soon. xx

  6. That "big books" bag? It made me laugh out loud!

  7. I have always loved back to school shopping. This was always my favorite time of year as a kid. Getting ready for the new year, finding out my classes, getting a few new outfits. All new and exciting stuff! I hope you have a smooth transition back into school :)

  8. banners and bunting are so under appreciated.

    i love that canvas bag! i just made it a favourite on etsy!

    happy back to school shopping!

  9. Oh man do I love all of these suggestions. While I'll be in secondary education those nap mats still look perfect for my own personal use! I think the book bags (both the satchel & the 'big books") are great! Wow you've got me drooling on a Tuesday morning.

    I'd also love those little teacher envelopes. Where did you find these gems?

  10. Alli- I started off on Kirtsy and then perused Etsy for hours. So much lovely stuff out there! You can click the link below each photo to go to the site it came from...

  11. That stationary is so cute! And that is a great fall outfit. Perfect actually!

  12. That messenger bag would be the PERFECT back to school bag!

  13. I love your back to school supplies- :) I think you can't go wrong with fleece because it's comfy and you can wear it all day.

  14. oh so many cute things! the outfits were one of my favorite things about teaching kindergarten. i got to wear casual but fun stuff - lots of bright colors that popped. and that bag! hilarious!!!

  15. Wow, maybe you should consider a second career as the "back-to-school essentials curator."

    P.S. I wish my school would stretch the budget to make room for 30 of those rest maps. too cute.

  16. Noooooooooooooo, noooooooooooo, not a week!! I can't believe that summer went by SO fast! It seems that once you hit a certain age, time goes by really fast!!

    I am in love with everything, I love the casual look, the cute bag stating big books rock, and the sign :)

    Thank you so much sweet girl for all of your very sweet words! They meant the world to me!

    Cheers to enjoying the last days of summer vacation :)

    xo Kary


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