Monday, August 01, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

It was a lovely weekend, this last one in July. We lounged around on Saturday morning, played with trains, ate doughnuts that my dad brought 'round. I went to the gym, got ready for houseguests {due to arrive tomorrow sometime}. Spent a really fun evening out with my mom and my sister, laughing our heads off, wandering through the most beautiful gardens and watching the fireworks. Sunday was good, too. We went for a family hike, and the boys were wild for it. They love an adventure, those two. The view from the top of Mill Hill was gorgeous, and the feeling of accomplishment was great. After that we came home for lunch and then I went to the gym again. Was feeling rather sporty! My legs are killing me now though. I treated myself to a few more goodies for my new office {lovely desktop organizer type stuff}. It's all coming together beautifully {stay tuned for photos, v. soon!}. Later in the day, we picked veggies from our garden and used them to whip up a fabulous salad bar supper {just like we had every day in Sorrento... stay tuned for more photos from there soon, too!}, with triple-chocolate waffle cones for dessert. Life is good. And today's a holiday, so that's even better. Because seriously, who doesn't love a long weekend?

 Train tracks + sidewalk chalk on our back porch

 Tiny boxes of Timbits! 

 Love this gate

 Blue skies and totem poles on a lovely summer day

 Fields full of snapdragons

 Ooooh. Aaaah.

 Taking a break on the way to the summit of Mill Hill.

 Our neighbourhood, far below {and how about those crazy clouds?)

 At the top {340 feet above where we started}

 "I can climb SUPER high, Mum! See?"

 Yay! I made it!

Some Sunday afternoon reading



  1. i love that you take the boys hiking,not enough people do that!!

  2. wow erin gorgeous pictures. hiking is so fun. and those snapdragons are beautiful! have a great day x

  3. I don't know how you fit everything in on your weekends. They are always jam packed. The hiking looks awesome. I need to do more of that. x

  4. Triple chocolate waffle cones?! Um, pretty sure I need one of those right now!

    x Jasmine

  5. so happy to find your lovely blog! i'm a new follower hopping over from project simple life:) loved your guest post for amanda! what a fun weekend it looks like you had! with all those yummy desserts, you really can't go too wrong, and that view! have a beautiful week:)

  6. you mean the last weekend in july? summer is going by fast enough on its own, no need to speed things up. ;) it does sound like a fabulous weekend. what gorgeous views from your hike! and fireworks? what was the occasion?

  7. Good catch, Kim. I've fixed it to say Jully now! Thank goodness it's NOT the last weekend in August!

    Butchart Gardens have fireworks every Saturday night in the summer. No occasion... just because!

  8. Your hike and those snapdragons took my breath away! I know what you mean about taking the time to enjoy this last month. I woke up feeling panicked today when I realized we're already in August but then stopped to reassess that I still have over five weeks to sleep in and do things according to my own schedule. Thank heavens!


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