Wednesday, July 06, 2011

E & me {market veggies}

Welcome to week 6 of E & me.  I'm loving our photos today, even though they're making me feel rather hungry. Seriously, my stomach is rumbling as I write this...

Anyway, now that it's summer and the weather is hot {yay!}, I'm craving fresh fruits and veggies pretty much all the time. Recently I've been on the hunt for a really great farmers' market. So far it's eluded me, but I did visit one last weekend that was pretty good and had some gorgeous -and tasty- heirloom tomatoes {see below... aren't they pretty?} 

If only I could wing my way to France and join Em at her local market on Saturday morning. I think I'd find exactly the market of my imaginings. Oh, and it would be pretty great if E & me were together again too. Think of the fun we could have, filling our baskets and heading home to whip up something delicieux... I bet we'd take it for a picnic somewhere. Because we love a good picnic, don't we, Em?

Are there some fabulous farmers' markets where you are? And do you have a favourite thing to buy when you're there?


  1. Yum, fresh produce! I've been trying to steam fresh veggies as often as possible to go with dinners and lunches. I'm sure there are farmers markets around my new place but I haven't discovered them yet! I plan to very soon!

  2. Now I really really want to head over to the Farmer's Market. Such wonderful finds!

  3. I LOVE farmer's markets! the good one is in the city about 40 minutes away :( but it sure is worth the drive!

    erin, the drive in is in langley, the next time you come to the mainland, i will take you and your boys for sure!

  4. I love the smell of fruit and veg in farmers markets. The produce section in supermarkets is strangely odourless.

  5. I love all the smells and colors of a farmers market. It's a sensory delight! perfect time of the year for them.

  6. we have several great farmers markets here in our neighborhood, but i really miss my old one in SF. every sunday morning they would close my block and set up the farmers market with all local food, flowers, coffee, and they even local musicians to serenade us. it was pretty much the dreamiest thing about living where i lived... although it all pretty much rocked. oh no! my heart is missing it so!

  7. I love farmers markets! I dont get to them nearly enough though. Summer always makes me crave lots of fresh fruit. Winter makes me want lots of warm carbs :-)

  8. Yes, we love a picnic. And we will have zee best pique-nique of all time in France, one day soon!


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