Wednesday, July 27, 2011

E & me {fire hydrants}

So far, E & me has featured lots of pretty things that Em and I love. Things like tea and cookies, beaches, sidewalk cafés and farmer's markets. 

This week, we're trying something different, and we're showing off our local fire hydrants. Something we walk right past on a regular basis, but rarely take any notice of, despite the fact that they're bright red!

Isn't it funny how different they look? I remember when Alan first came to Canada, he was constantly taking photos of our fire hydrants. Apparently they're underground in England, and marked with a small plate on the ground or a nearby wall, so he couldn't get enough of our pillar-style North American ones! 

Looks like the French ones are above ground, just like ours. Can you guess which is the one on my street and which one puts out fires in France {with some help from a hunky fireman, of course...}


  1. I'm guessing the one on the right is French, because I've never seen one like that before! Fun post :) You never think to compare something that we walk past every day!

  2. I am with Alan and find it rather strange that they are above ground! It is something I simply never think of because we just don't see them here in England.
    I think I will have to agree with Lauryn and guess that the right one is French perhaps. Toughie though...

  3. How strange that they're so different! But really cool too.

  4. it's the little things like this that make me really excited when traveling. for the most part you can find all the comforts of the modern world when traveling, but when you see a crazy fire hydrant or a strange light switch, you realize that you're in a foreign country. it's amazing how different we all do things, things which you always sort of assume have only one way to do them.

  5. knowing you, let me boxes next? fun little posts, Erin, and Sorrento looks wonderful as well. looks like a good summer off of work.


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