Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E & me {la plage}

We've got an especially summery subject for today's E & me photo: the beach! Em and I agree, it just wouldn't be summer without many an outing to the local beach. Time spent on the sand and in the water, c'est fantastique!

I have a feeling Lac d' Annecy is a lot warmer than our freezing cold Pacific Ocean! Hence the lack of people in the Victoria photo, and the crowds on la plage and in the water {in fact, I'm pretty sure Em took a dip in it after snapping some photos} But both are beautiful, non?

In other news, it's Sawyer's birthday today! {check out this post for photos of his birthdays from birth to age 3 here} My little sweetie is 4, and he is soaking up every second of the fun! Stay tuned tomorrow for photos of my "really big boy" in all his birthday glory. There will be Iron Man underpants and shiny birthday hats on display. Are you ready for it?

Finally, don't forget to enter your name in the Canada Day giveaway, no matter where you are in the world. Every girl could use a new piece of jewelry, wouldn't you agree?

Happy Wednesday!!! Did I mention, it's also the last day of school? Whee!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Little Man! :)
    Those pictures of the sand and water and blue skies look lovely!

  2. Happy Birthday to Sawyer! Sorry the postal strike has caused his card to be delayed. Hope he has a very special day!

    Loving the beach pictures - I adore the ruggedness of your beach and the steps into the water with Em are perfect for wimps like me who take ages getting acclimatised to the water! Perfect summer shots!

  3. oh i know, even in LA the pacific is FREEZING! when i moved here from san francisco, i somehow thought the water would be magically much much warmer. i guess because you see so many people on the beaches in LA. but those people aren't swimming... they're just sunbathing! ah well, i'll just have to enjoy it next time i visit thailand. :)

    a very merry birthday to sawyer!! 4 is such a fun age.

  4. oh thank you for letting me escape on a realllly hot and dry day here in the desert. water... it takes my breath away! what beautiful scenery to be surrounded by! tres jealous!!!

    a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 4 year old Sawyer!!! :) eek i can't wait to see the photos already!!!

    and i'm crossing my fingers on your FANTASTIC giveaway!


  5. Happiest birthday to Sawyer! I'm sure he is very excited. :)

  6. Yay for the last day of school! Ahhhh... Can't wait to see the birthday photos later today. :)

    The beaches both look great but I think I need some warm temperatures to dive into! Whew!


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