Wednesday, May 11, 2011

London Loves: Amazing Architecture

Here on the west coast of Canada, we've got some really big, really old trees. But old buildings? Not so much. The oldest building in BC is believed to have been built in the 1840s. That'd be considered pretty new in London!

One of the things I love about England is the history in the buildings. The architecture is amazing. I like to imagine the stories that the walls of those houses hold, the tales of all the people who lived there through the years. Even the gardens have a history, with their high walls and their beautiful gates.

A secret garden gate, Knebworth

Knebworth House

No idea what building this is, but it's fancy, non? The first time I was in London, I was constantly pointing out buildings and asking Wendy what they were. "I don't know," she'd say. "Nothing special. An office maybe?" 

Trafalgar Square, diagonal from the National Gallery... love the rounded edges of this building

I adore Admiralty Arch

Lamps lit on an August afternoon, Regent Street {this makes me think of the scene in A Little Princess when Sara's father takes her shopping in London}

Just off Oxford Street, less than a block in... gorgeous brick houses with beautiful doors and windows

Seriously! How pretty is this? And you couldn't even hear the traffic! How wonderful would it be to have a lovely little hideaway like this, right in the middle of the city?

I have a million and one photos of buildings in England. They are just so different to what we see in this part of the world. And so,  I expect over the years I'll take a million more.

Have you been to London? Were you as impressed with the beautiful buildings as I was?


  1. I have the travel bug SO BAD right now! I'm antsy to get outta town and explore the world. Oh, to have the funds to do so!

  2. I've never travelled outside of Australia (really want too), but I love visiting Melbourne. It has amazing architecture. The buildings are so much nicer than Brisbane. There was a company in Brisbane called The Deen Brothers and they knocked down old building during the night. Their slogan was, "All we leave behind are the memories". Sad, no?

    Love your photos! Especially the last one. Would love to live there!

    x Jasmine

  3. I would loooove to live in a city or country with centuries of history! the oldest buildings we tend to find here are usually between the late 1800's and early 1900's. In certain historical spots you might run into something a bit older, but that's definitely not very common!

  4. I've not been to London, but the one thing I have noticed living on the West Coast is the sparseness of old buildings. We had much more on the East Coast. And I don't know what it is about old buildings, but they ground me somehow. I really do need to get to Europe soon.

  5. yep love it :) Hubbie likes to look at buildings, especially churhes :)

  6. Erin, you have got me SO nostalgic for the UK! I visited London in 2008 for about 10 days and it was magnificent. You are totally right about the architecture. I think I'm going to go dig through my photo archives tonight to reminisce. Xo.

  7. Okay so I think the most gorgeous thing about ALL of Europe are the old buildings and churches with stained glass and everything! :D Love this post!

  8. can you believe that i have not been to London yet when it was our childhood dream to meet Take That there?! lol i'm glad Marianne has, as it's her heaven on earth.

    if i ever get to go to the country you both love so, i hope to go to that secret garden and sneak a kiss with my husband!

    I can't get over your pretty wedding photo! THANK YOU for playing along and sharing! and Em, i LOVE that her dress wasn't "traditional" because she looked stunning!

    i am smiling thinking about when we skyped so i could tell you my secret wedding plans <3


  9. yes! i love how "history" means so much more there than in the americas which are all so new. i love thinking about all the stories those old brick buildings have to share... and then my mind turns into a jane austen book. :)

  10. I have been to London.. but I was quite young. I do remember the beautiful buidings and the uniqueness of all of them. No two looked alike. I love it so much. It is one of the reasons why I wish I lived in the UK. Beautiful photos.

  11. Now you are making me more excited for London in July! You'll have to tell me all the good parts to see!

    Any tips or hot spots or pubs I HAVE to go to?

    Email me: projectsimplelife(at) :)


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