Friday, May 20, 2011

Flowers for your Friday {and some gratitude too}

Yay! It's Friday! And here in Canada, it's a long weekend. I love a long weekend, don't you? We've got all sorts of plans, including an afternoon at the country fair {I'm craving cotton candy}, lots of time outside in the garden, a visit with my grandpa, a new episode of Doctor Who, and a morning downtown watching the Victoria Day parade. Fingers crossed that the weather carries on like it was yesterday, sunny and summery and warm. Because there's nothing less fun than sitting on the sidewalk in the rain for three hours {and believe me, I've done it...}

Speaking of the fabulous weather, I think it's time for a Friday Gratitude List to finish off the week. Here are some of the things I'm feeling grateful for/happy about these days:

- hanging laundry on the clothesline and finding that, just a few hours later, it's dry!

- my beautiful hanging baskets, full of flowers planted mostly by Sawyer

- wearing flip-flops

- the look on Dylan's face when Charlie found the Golden Ticket!!!

- getting our tax returns in the mail {and feeling very pleased with myself for having done them without the help of an expensive accountant}

- getting back to the gym 3 times this week... and looking into signing up for a yoga class

- tea and scones with an old friend

- watching the boys and Alan working together in the garden

- getting lots of compliments about my new dress {the black one... I'm saving the red for a wedding, the first weekend in June}

- the neverending stack of Starbucks' gift cards I got for my birthday... I'm definitely stopping for a latte on the way to work this morning!

Happy Friday, friends. 
Hope you're ending the week feeling full of gratitude, too.
E xo


  1. I think you'll really like yoga Erin! It's so calming :)

    Hooray for never ending stacks of Starbucks cards! Definitely treat yourself to something frothy and delicious this weekend. Have fun with your boys!

  2. so many sweet things to be thankful for! i hope you guys have a delightful long weekend!

  3. oh to be a fly on the wall when you read that exciting bit from "charlie and the chocolate factory!"

    don't you love when a dress makes you feel like a million bucks? that alone but then to get compliments... DEF. worth buying it ;)

    let me know how you like yoga! i may be the only one in the world not to really enjoy it... pilates is more my thing.

    cheers to a fun weekend your way that should include deliciousness from starbucks! xo

  4. Tax returns? Hanging baskets? Compliments? What could be better?!

    Happy long weekend to you, dear friend!

  5. Erin, that sounds like an absolutely fantastic weekend! I need to catch up on my Doctor Who episodes. And I love all your moments of gratitude! Something about making my list always makes me even happier than I was before I started.


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