Monday, April 18, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

I am so glad that I didn't spend this weekend in bed like I did last week! I am finally feeling a whole lot better, and was actually able to leave the house for a bit, on several occasions! It was wonderful. And I may have taken a million photos to celebrate. Here are {quite} a few of them, starting out in our front yard on Saturday morning.

 Way up high in our cherry tree... pink blossoms and blue sky!

 Did the Easter bunny come a week early?

 Beautiful, fragrant grape hyacinths

Bright pink anemones

 On Saturday afternoon, we met my mom for lunch and a wander through the mall. As part of the Earth Day celebrations, they'd set up banner painting for the kids. They'll choose some of them to hang on lamp posts around the town this summer. I thought Dylan was very clever to choose the Langford trolley for his theme... bound to get picked!

 I love it when these two hold hands. This is after a bit of a play at the park.

 Today started out sunny, but cold {hence the mismatched mittens}. We took the boys for a bike ride to Starbucks for hot chocolate. 

 These Canada geese were hanging out in a giant puddle by the parking lot. Sawyer and I stopped to watch them for a while.

 We made it home just in time to avoid a crazy hailstorm! There was thunder, gusts of wind, and enormous hailstones. It was all very wild and dramatic, and fun to watch through the window. I was glad we were inside by the fire, where we had a lovely, cozy afternoon.

The boys built Lego in the playroom. Try to focus on how cute they are, concentrating so intently, and disregard their shaggy, long hair, won't you please?!

And I wrote letters on the couch.

I was wearing my Annecy t-shirt that Em brought me in February. Had to snap a photo to send to her...

At the end of a long and rather enjoyable weekend, the boys had a bubble bath. How cute is Sawyer in the tub?

And Dylan, emulating Daddy's London punk look from several decades ago!?

Did you make it all the way to the bottom of this post? I hope so. I need to remind you to enter my Blog Birthday Giveaway! You've got until Thursday, so be sure to get your entry in for a chance to win a few of my favourite things!

Kisses, and wishes for a fabulous week ahead. I'm finally going back to work {hopefully on Tuesday}, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've missed my little library.
E xo


  1. We both posted photos of blossoms and blue skies! Love your weekend recap and Sawyer in that tub. Glad you are feeling better: I bet your little library misses you as well.

  2. those hyacinths are such a wondrous burst of colour! we're still trudging through impromptu snow storms over here!

    so glad you're back on your feet. your boys make me yearn for neighbourhood buddies for my boy...all our neighbours are MUCH older. and i'm pretty sure dylan's banner will win!

    another weird birthday-twin thing: we both have yellow bathtubs! :)

  3. So glad you're feeling better and got out for a bit this weekend! My weekends always seem to somehow disappear on me. I got some work done, but not nearly enough yet. Maybe today I'll finally get caught up. Fingers crossed. Have a great Monday, Erin!

  4. Looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend!

    I'm jealous of all your greens and blooms peaking through. This time last year we had green buds on the trees. I'm still waiting!

    Hope you have a great week too!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling more like yourself. I'm sure those beautiful blossoms, blue sky & adorable in-the-tub mohawks must have helped raise your spirits considerably! XOXO!

  6. hooray for being out and about! and what an adventurous outing you had. i'm glad you got to enjoy life away from the couch, and i'm definitely glad you escaped the hailstorm - yikes!

  7. I do like your photos and it's great that you are up and about. And going back to work soon.

    Pink blossoms and blue sky. So beautiful.

    Your boys are just precious!

  8. your family is just the CUTEST!!! i love the shag look and the holding hands photo is my favorite!!! <3

    i love you're surrounded by flowers and look beautiful in the shirt from Em!

  9. so happy to hear that you are feeling better. i didn't get a chance to read my blogs last week so i am catching up on your last 13posts right now.

    your boys are so cute. i love that they have a friendship! that is amazing!


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