Wednesday, April 20, 2011

London Loves: Hamleys Toy Shop

It's been a while since I've done a London Loves post, hasn't it? I wasn't sure I had a lot more to show you, but going through our photos this weekend I discovered that oh yes I do! So for the next several weeks, I'll be posting more of the things I love about England, and London in particular. Ready for it?

First up, Hamleys Toy Shop, the finest and oldest in the world! This place is 250 years old! Isn't that amazing? Now, until our most recent trip to London, I must confess that I had never been to Hamleys. Now that we've got kids, I imagine it will be a must-visit destination whenever we're in the capital. And rightly so, because let me tell you... this place is awesome!

Here we are at the main entrance on Regent Street. Dylan was eager to get a photo of the pirates who were sword-fighting with balloon swords and bubbles! {and how about that incredible K'nex window display?}

If you want to ride the elevator, you'll have to pass by Lucy and the lamp post in Narnia first!

Giant Chuggington trains! I think that might be Wilson?

Alan got a bit giddy in the Star Wars section! We were with his Mum, who gave us each money to choose something. He went with the AT-AT walker, of course.

I was more excited to discover the Harry Potter department! I didn't have enough money for the Nimbus 2000. But I was happy to get up close to it!

And look! It's the sword of Godric Gryffindor. I was beside myself with glee! And wondering if I should take another mortgage out on the house so I could buy it...

Wands!!! {click on the photo to get a closer look and see who these ones belong to}

The Doctor Who figures were pretty cool, too.

A crown fit for royalty {I make a good queen, non?}, and a little boy masquerading as a dragon.

We had great fun with the masks. I really loved that about Hamleys. They encourage you to touch and try everything and to play!

And of course, the sell candy too. { I can't get over how young Dylan looks in this photo, and it was only 8 months ago!} Nanny bought us some, as all good Nannies do!

Right before we headed out to find a Thorntons, Sawyer discovered the rocking horses. We were there for another half hour!

Have you been to Hamleys in London? I want to take the boys at Christmastime one year. I bet Santa's Grotto is amazing!

Next week on London Loves... A boat ride on the River Thames, and a peek at its many, many bridges. Beautiful.

PS: One day left to enter the giveaway! Quick!


  1. Wow, that toy shop is amazing! I would've gone crazy over the Harry Potter section too.

    x Jasmine

  2. Eeeee! Thanks for this post Erin. I simply adore all the Harry Potter goodness. I will have to buy myself a wand sometime :)

    Plus the Star Wars lego heeee!

  3. How did you get yourself to leave Harry Potter stuff? It'd be torture!

    That is a truly amazing toy shop! I'd love to check it out with Noah sometime.... Heck, I'd love to check out anything in London sometime but The Eye. Done that and the heights DON'T agree. ;)

  4. Toy shops are just so much fun! I always walk into one hoping it will look like Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. I love this one had so much awesome memorabilia there. Tell me, was there a candy section too?

  5. I love this post! I love Hamleys as an adult so I can imagine how much fun your boys had there :)

  6. a 250 year old toy store?! how fun!!

  7. There is soooo much in that store that my kids would go mental over!! Harry Potter, Narnia, Star Wars AND Dr Who!! Totally. Mental.

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  8. i have never been but it looks like such fun!

  9. I think you need that crown to wear at your fancy royal breakfast do at the Empress next week! Fedex?

  10. Some of my favourite posts ever!!! :) As much as I love London I hate to confess I had never heard of Hamleys (so thanks for sharing!) but I do remember just loving Regent Street! :) The joy and wonder on not just your kiddo's faces, but on yours and Alan's warms my heart! Too adorable!!! :)


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