Friday, March 25, 2011

Flowers for your Friday

via country home

This was the day I was supposed to be going into the hospital for my surgery. The day I was to get my gall bladder removed and go home with one less organ. I was nervous about it, but resigned, and looking forward to a life without those dreaded attacks. I have an excellent surgeon, one who comes highly recommended, and I had a recovery plan in place. I'd even booked my teacher-on-call to cover me next week at school. 

Unfortunately, it was not to be. The illness that swept through our house last week has been really hard on me, and I still have a bad cough. I've pulled a muscle just below my ribcage because of it. It hurts just to breathe deeply, let alone cough. And that's without abdominal surgery! So, the surgeon's assistant and I made the decision that today is not going to be the best day for me to get that pesky gall bladder removed. First I have to get well. We'll reschedule when the cough is gone, and I can breathe clearly again. I'll go into the hospital in good health, and therefore have an easier recovery afterwards. Because really, if you have to be off work for a week, you might as well enjoy all that time on the couch, right? So while I wait for a new date, won't you please fill up my comment box with lots of book and movie suggestions? I'll start gathering supplies now!

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday. I think I'll make the most of mine and take the boys to the museum {for a very slow stroll through the exhibits}. What are you up to, this first Friday of spring?


  1. Erin, hi--EMP here, happy to have discovered you via Time After Tea. I'm your neighbour in snowy Alberta where spring is a distant dream and spring snow our current reality. (There's green under winter's white mantle, or so we're all trusting!)

    Thanks for writing this beautiful blog: you're an inspiration. Get well soon! Yes, I have lots of book recommendations. Have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society yet? Or anything by Alan Bradley? The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie series? (Hmm: pie seems to feature in both my first choices!)

    I even have a couple of books I'd be happy to send your way (including an overly sweet book of letters I co-wrote a handful of years ago dealing with the friendship between a hippo and a unicorn, of all creatures: perhaps it may bring a smile as you recover!).

    Postal address, please?

    Thanks again for this splendid site! Scrolling through your Friday flow'r posts brought a much-needed touch of spring my way!

  2. Oh Erin, I'm sorry to hear you're still sick and pulled a muscle! I think it's best that you postponed the surgery -- one thing at a time right? As for book and movie suggestions. Hmmm...Paper Heart was a cute movie and it's on Netflix instant play right now. I'm still looking for books myself, though you could always go to the library and take home a nice big stack of cookbooks. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my dear!

  3. get well soon erin!

    i am going back to my childhood and reading the first babysitter's club book! so fun!

    as for movies, i could watch the notebook, save the last dance and the anne of green gables movies over and over and over.

    when i am couch ridden i also love catching up on tv on dvd. if you haven't gotten into being erica yet start with season one. i think you would love it!

    happy weekend erin!


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