Sunday, March 13, 2011

12 on the 12th {March}

I have been meaning to do another 12 on the 12th post for ages now {like since July, I think!} and I've finally managed to do it. I took lots of photos yesterday, because it was Dylan's birthday party at the "Paint your own pottery" studio. Everyone had a lot of fun! I was really impressed too with the intense concentration as they painted their animals {mostly dinosaurs, plus a frog, a turtle and a puppy}. They worked on them for nearly an hour...

click on collage to enlarge

01. Sawyer icing cupcakes
02. Dylan opening a present from a friend
03. Preparing to paint many ceramic dinosaurs
04. Dylan gets his hand painted for his special birthday souvenir- a plate with everyone's fingerprints on it
05. Sawyer, deep in concentration, painting his frog
06. Big smiles from the birthday boy
07. Listening to  instructions
08. Sawyer and Bethany
09. Dino cupcakes!
10. Blowing out candles and making a wish
11. Someone is 6!
12. Sleepyhead... probably dreaming of his own birthday, still a few months away

It was a really fun party and the kids are excited to see how their ceramic animals turn out. I'll pick them up on Wednesday and deliver them to the partygoers. Before then, I'll post some photos from Dylan's actual birthday too. Another day of excitement! And you have to see my dinosaur cake. It was awesome, and even had a volcano on top!

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. Did you remember to turn the clocks forward last night? I'm so excited for Daylight Savings Time! It's going to be light outside until at least 7 tonight and that makes me very, very happy {even though I'm just a little bit sleepy right now...}


  1. Looks like your little one had a great 6th birthday!

  2. I love this! It looks like the birthday boy & everyone else had a fantastic time. And that last photo of Sawyer, all tuckered out? So sweet. XOXO!

  3. Fortunately people on twitter were sending out reminders to reset your clocks (although I think we only have two in the house that needed to be changed by hand - not automatically).

    I love your 12 on the 12th! Very cute idea. We have a paint your own pottery studio in my town too! It's a great place to go on a date, but unfortunately ours is a little pricey for college students. It's somewhere around $20 a person depending on what you paint (could be more). It's so much fun though to pick out colors and do paintings that you can keep around the house. Looks like fun!

  4. i love that it's after 6pm and still light out!

    great photos! i've been looking for a "photo project" for this year and have yet to come up with one. i may borrow your "12 on 12" idea. hope that's ok!

  5. i just KNEW he'd have a fun birthday!!! :) how fun!! and festive.

    so my blackberry didn't update the time! thank goodness it wasn't monday lol


  6. this is such a great idea :). Happy birthday, Dylan! :)


  7. How fun for the 12th to coincide with a bday party. Looks like a great one.

  8. Wonderful full day! What fun :)

  9. I love how this grid is clearly all about Dylan. Happy birthday little man!


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