Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow day!

Tuesday night I went to bed expecting some flurries overnight. Instead, we woke up to discover we'd had a blizzard!

We had nearly a foot of snow in less than 24 hours. Crazy! School was cancelled and everyone was excited.

Sawyer loved it. "I'm sooo happy, Mum!" he kept telling me, as he nibbled another handful of snowflakes.

I was surprised by how keen Dylan was to shovel snow {even with our regular old garden shovel}. He's pretty good at it, too!

And rolling snowballs! His goal was to make the "most enormous one ever."

The boys had a great time throwing them at each other, and me...

The snow plow finally went by late in the afternoon. They loved walking through the trench it made between our front yard and the street.

Our house, slowly getting buried...


Luke loaned us his snow shovel and Dylan helped me shovel out the van. Note to self: Buy a snow shovel! Do not continue to live in state of denial that it never snows here. It snows here every winter.

And then... it snowed some more.

It was a great day. We played until we were almost frozen solid, then we came in and got warm by the fire. We ate grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup {perfect snow day lunch, no?}, and then we went out and played and shovelled some more. We made time to do paintings and bake cookies, and at the end of the day, when Alan got home from work, we walked through a winter wonderland to Starbucks for hot chocolate {throwing snowballs all the way!}

Things are back to normal today, schedule-wise, but it's super cold out there {wind chill of -16!!!} and the snow isn't going anywhere just yet. I hope my daffodils are keeping warm under that thick white blanket!

What's it like in your part of the world? Is it warm and sunny and tropical? Do tell, so I can live vicariously through you!


  1. What beautiful pictures and what fun you have had. Love the look, but don't envy you the cold. We are dull wet and miserable here in Lincolnshire England. One day cold and wet , then one day warmer and wet, so I don't think you will want to exchange. At least we do have a garden full of the prettiest crocus, so a hint of spring to come.
    Jenny x

  2. How lovely! Your home looks so sweet all covered in snow. Sounds like you had a fantastic snow day.
    Up here we still have at least 3 more months of winter :oS I'm starting to itch for Spring.

  3. Wow!! Look at all that snow! It's below freezing over here on the hill. No white stuff... just a brillant blue sky!

    I think there must be a 12-step program out there for snow shovel-related denial...

  4. That snow must have been fast! Nearly a foot in a day? Wild. Hope warm weather gets here soon!

  5. oooo your pictures make it all look so pretty.

    It wasn't so pretty to drive in yesterday, however I must admit that my timing was excellent (or did I just get lucky?)

    I managed to make it into work & home again with no bother. I was happy that my office closed early, and I think that helped.

    My kids spent the day outside with their dad and I was very happy to have the job of warming them up by the fire with pizza and Dr Who :)

    I'm a bit of a whiner when it comes to the cold...

    ox Kelly

  6. love all the photos! your boys look like their having a blast!

  7. i believe there's nothing cuter than little ones playing in the snow! :) look at your darling boys!

    and that first photo-- gorgeous!!!

    it's pretty windy up in the mountains here in el paso and it's supposed to get chilly tonight. i actually just penned a letter to you-- i got my amazing valentine postcard AND brilliant notecards! :) thank you sweetest friend!!! now i have to apologize because i truly just meant to write a quick card and alas, there i was grabbing a sheet of paper and turning it around still writing ;) what can i say, i always fancy a chat with my british bird!

    it's off to you tomorrow. THANK YOU for the pressie and for always "listening" xoxoxo

  8. It's almost always sunny here. Not too warm today at 60 degrees though. I want a snow day! Yours looks like so much fun, though honestly, I'm glad I'll be visiting in June.

  9. I think I see next year's Christmas card... your house looks lovely all snowy behind the tree!

  10. Yes, I heard you got a whole heap of snow ... ah, the chaos and cozyness of Island snow!

    We woke to -28 c (and then plus wind chill) so we've got you beat!! :)

    Hope you had fun in Kits .... I know that well too! ;)

  11. That was a serious amount of snow you had! It looks so deep and crisp and such fun though. We didn't get nearly enough here this Winter.


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