Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pleasant distractions

I am in the middle of some major cleaning up at the moment. The place is ripped apart as I sort things into piles: keep, toss, donate, put aside and come back to later... I am so not good at this sort of thing. It makes me feel anxious, all the mess around me. Panicky. I can't see the end in sight and I start to get all worked up and freaked out. It's part of my desire for things to be "just so." Unfortunately, I'm a procrastinator, so things often get put off until I can put them off no longer! And then it's just stressful, because not only am I working amidst piles of stuff, I'm also working to a deadline.

Anyway, a girl needs to take a break, no matter how close the deadline may be and I've been lucky today to have a few fun things to distract me when I needed to turn my back on the mess for a bit {it's okay... I've got three more days until everything has to be done, and though I have to work two of those days, and attend a super-long preschool meeting tonight... I'm sure it will all come together in the end! Right?}

Here are a few of the things that have distracted and cheered me as I've tackled my to-do list:

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies {left over from last night's book club meeting} and a cup of tea

Valentines in progress {I love to watch Dylan with the glitter and glue!}

A great long letter from Kelly, and her local newspaper, too! 

A fun {and always beautifully wrapped} parcel from Cassie

... containing a gorgeous, handmade Valentine banner to string up above the fireplace! LOVE IT.

Oh, and this little blog of mine. It distracts me regularly!

Okay. Break's over. Now, back to work...


  1. I can't stand it when I clean. I get so overwhelmed with the mess around me I never know where to start.

    Those Valentine's are coming along well.

    And such a pretty gift from Cassie!

  2. I love a good clean. But taking a break would consist of me, a hammock and something with ice in it. You are far too productive!! x

  3. Looks like you're as busy as ever, but I do hope you're not getting too carried away in your cleaning because of your {very easy-going, non-neat-freak} houseguest!

    And yum... can you save me a cookie?

    XOXO & see you Sunday!!!

  4. it feels so good when you're all done...but until then i know exactly what you mean. 'it always gets worse before it gets better' sorting, donating, & tossing mantra....but in the meantime your cookies look divine and what's better than getting special mail!
    soon enough everything will be back in it's home but for now...take a break, have a cookie and enjoy your evening!

  5. love the banner that cassie cute!!!

  6. aw lucky you getting the fab mail! That banner is lovely!! :)

  7. yes, you need some fun distractions from the craziness of life. those cookies look like great distractions! :)

  8. YES! every girl needs a break that would include chocolate chip cookies (those look DELISH!), glue and vday cards, and happy mail!

    ps. i just posted about my vday creations today so i'm sorry to ruin the surprise when it comes to yours... be warned! lol

    i absolutely love that garland from cassie! you girls always make me smile.

  9. when you finish your house would you like to organize mine ;-) Its a massive d-zone with all the drywalling and mudding and dust ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    Glad to see my letter arrived on my oh-so fancy paper! The banner is super duper cute I love it so much! One day soon I will have beautiful places to hang beautiful banners like yours! Sending lots of hugs your way for everyone for Valentines Day!

  10. So glad my little package made it across the ocean before the big day!! Glad you liked it too - what about the little extras inside, I beat they went down a storm too?

    I hope you get it sorted in time for Em's arrival and if you don't then find one of your tidy/empty cupboards and throw it all in until she leaves!! Hee hee ;)


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