Wednesday, February 23, 2011

London Loves: Covent Garden

The summer seems like so long ago now, but we still have loads of photos from London that I haven't shown you. So how about another installment of my London Loves?

* * *

I am a big fan of Covent Garden. It is one of my favourite places in the West End. The shopping and food are fantastic, and it's home to the London Transport Museum, too.

I love the huge market hall with all its quaint little shops and vendors {and Accessorize! j'adore Accessorize...}

I can't get enough of the street performers and the enthusiastic crowds that gather round to watch them.

Dylan was mesmerized watching a comedian/magician, even though he could barely see for all the people! Eventually he got up on Alan's shoulders.

The boys were crazy for the sweet shop.

See what I mean?

Next time we're in England, I plan to spend a lot more time in Covent Garden. They've got some of the prettiest stationery ever. And the tea shop! I love it.


  1. covent garden is my favourite place in London - I went when I was about 10 to the theatre, fell completely in love and I fall even more every time I go back :)

    Did you go on the carousel? I took my cousin on it when we lived there and she always talks about it even now!

  2. I love all your London posts- now I want to hop on a plane and take a trip to Covent Garden myself!

  3. Oh i LOVE convent garden! Did you see the sweet shop which is just outside called Hope and Greenwood. Oh My. i thought i'd died and gone to sweetie heaven x

  4. Covent Garden was one of the very first places I visited in London when I went with my Gran - fond memories.

  5. What a cutie!! I want to check-out covent garden sometime.

  6. Now that's a location I have to visit! And the boys' reactions to the sweet shop are perfectly priceless!

  7. Hooray for more "London Loves" posts! I always appreciate a little jaunt into Convent Garden. And that photo of Dylan on Alan's shoulders is lovely.

  8. aw, a kid in a candy store!! super cute. i love markets too. it sounds like quite the place!

  9. I miss Covent Garden! We only spent one day there on my trip to London a few years back. So charming...I want to go back.

  10. You're apparently very lucky with giveaways lately! You wont the shine necklace from my blog giveaway. :)

  11. Some of my favourite posts ever of yours!!!! I never get tired of hearing about London so I covet your London Loves series :) Oh to be in Covent Garden right this minute!!!! Oh if only I could click my sparkly red heels together three times :( Thanks for taking me back with your photos Erin!!! LOVE the photo of adorable Dylan in the candy shop!!! :)


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