Thursday, January 13, 2011

We have to go back!

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This is the time of year when I usually start to get really excited about the upcoming season of LOST. Sigh... Not this year. LOST is over, and it's not coming back. Sob! Thank god for dvds. I can go back to the island any time I like. I think I might head there tonight...

Do you miss LOST as much as I do? And do you have any fantastic shows that you think I simply must see, in an attempt to fill the void? I want to hear all about them!


  1. I'm sure I've confessed to this before, but I've never actually seen an entire episode of Lost. I'm waiting until someday when I have a lot of free time, and I'll watch all of them straight through- I know that once I start, I won't be able to stop!

  2. I seriously miss LOST! :-( I wasn't thrilled with how they ended it, so that makes the missing even worse.

  3. Just the other day I turned to one of my friends and told them how much I missed Lost. I think I freaked them about a little bit. But I'm right there with you. I need to own the DVDs or start taking advantage of Netflix!

  4. LOST was pretty good (although I'm still a little sore about having so many open-ended questions never answered). We watched almost all the episodes.

    We like 30 rock, How I Met Your Mother, and of course the timeless classic - Friends.

    Good luck getting over LOST and that hunky Sawyer (although Charlie & Desmond were my guys).

  5. I've never actually watched Lost before but I definitely want to try it. I'm sure that I will love it!

    There's no TV shows that I could really recommend at the moment. I just watch a few random things.

  6. You know what I am going to say - Parenthood!!

    Won't be too long now till Glee is back either, thank goodness.

  7. LOL I was just thinking about Lost, because Bret has started watching it, and so I got to go back to the beginning w/ him & see it through whole new eyes. We haven't watched in a couple weeks, tho... I should see if he wants to watch this weekend! : )

  8. Oh my garland I miss Lost so much. There is a giant hole in my life. *sobs* I pulled out the pilot the other day and I was all excited, but totally bummed at the same time because it's ALL. OVER.


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