Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday morning daydream

What can I say? A chaise lounge, a floppy sunhat, a cold drink, and plenty of pretty cushions... Sounds like a pretty great Saturday to me. And don't you think this looks like the perfect spot to sit with girlfriends, to chat and laugh and drink fruity drinks and partake in something delicious? Yep, I thought so too! So... who's joining me?


  1. Me too! I can't believe I have (4) next to your name in my blog reader!! We are long overdue a catch up this week, so I would love to join you on those gorgeous looking seats for a glass of something cold.

  2. it looks perfect! i'm definitely in! :)

  3. Oh I am having the same day dream only its Sunday here :-)

  4. I'm definetely joining you. I'd love to escape the snow, if only for a day.

  5. I love it! I really want that hat.... but I think it may be a little too pink for Noah.


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