Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday morning daydream

How I'd love to spend a winter weekend in a gorgeous stone cottage like this one. I'd sit inside by the fire, drink tea, eat scones, read books, write letters, and go for long rambles in the countryside, before coming back in and starting all over again. My idea of heaven... Yours?

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  1. What a gorgeous little cottage, looks like something out of a film?

    Throw in a cup of coffee, a good film and perhaps a glass of wine and it is not far off my idea of heaven either!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Even if it isn't tucked up in this gorgeous little house, I hope it is magical none the less.

  2. No further comment needed, you have just described my idea of heaven.(I do agree about the bottle of wine tho!)
    Wonderful, what a super dream.

  3. what would be even better is if you added your girlfriends (ME!) in pj's and fuzzy socks :) + coffee for me and cas ;)

  4. as long as it was warm inside! i've been in these big stone cottages before and they are terribly cold. but if there were a little wood stove in each room that would work - cute and warm!! okay, i think we solved that problem. i'm in!

  5. Count me in too!! Tea and scones and this cute little cottage - I like Michaela idea of fuzzy socks and pjs too! Have a wonderful weekend! Think of me trugding through knee deep snow when I get home this afternoon!

  6. All I need is a fireplace with a warm fire and a kitchen so I can make lots of delicious food from scratch. And I'd have to make sure to bring a good book with me too!

  7. If I'm nice and cosy I would definitely like to stay there. But right now my dream is to be near the beach because our warm weather has finally come back and summer feels so good!


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