Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A sneak peek

So over the past 8 weeks or so we have gone from a living room with a horrid wood-panelled wall, to a freshly drywalled {and insulated} one.

From a dark brick fireplace...

... to a freshly painted white one {which I love}.

What a transformation! Our room is lighter and brighter and airier and I can't wait for the chair rail to go up and the new curtains to be made! {we have officially decided to cease and desist all reno-related projects until the new year... it's time to enjoy the holidays!}

There's no mantel yet {no time!}, but that didn't stop me from decorating the top of the bricks for Christmas! Doesn't it look pretty? And just wait till you see the rest of the room!

Now if I can just convince Alan to let me put a nail in that lovely new wall, so I can hang our Christmas wreath...


  1. It looks fabulous! I totally love the white painted bricks around the fireplace and it looks so light and airy compared to the old room.

    You must be so pleased and perfect decoration over those bricks too!

    Gorgeous xx

  2. That is looking very good...and the wreath would just finish it...but can understand if hubby says no, it looks so perfect. Love the white fireplace.
    Have a lovely rest and Holiday and Good Luck and lots of energy for 2011, you will probably need it.

  3. Hej Erin

    WOW! LOVE the fireplace
    It's all looking very lovely and I agree your Christmas wreath above the mantle would just finish it...
    Love the combination of white and grey...very Scandinavian
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas

  4. It looks fabulous so far! Can't wait to see more of it as the project gets along. Amazing what paint can do!

  5. it looks wonderful and i love that you did so much of the work yourselves!

  6. Erin
    I am soo glad that you have made it passed the ugly flu bug, major reno and have found a way to enjoy this wonderful season.
    I can just imagine the scent of the ginger train and the sparkle of the twinkle lights on your fabulous fireplace have transformed your home into a lovely cozy christmas time retreat.
    Enjoy your three boys, your friends and family and your time off.
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

  7. Erin, your living room looks fantastic! I can't wait to see the whole thing when it's completely finished -- it's going to look AMAZING!

  8. It's amazing how much of a difference painting your fireplace white has transformed the entire look of the room! It's gorgeous Erin!!! You must be SO pleased :) When everything is all finished, the beautiful outcome will make all the stress of renovations (particuarly while trying to get your holiday decor out)all worth it :)

  9. Your no-mantel mantel looks gorgeous!

  10. Love it! A uniquely shaped piece of art would look awesome above the fireplace.

  11. Yay, Erin!! I am adoring your white brick fireplace...that's always been a dream for me. :)

    You've made fantastic progress, and it looks so beautiful. Hope you enjoy your holiday in your brand new living room!


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