Thursday, December 02, 2010


this part always makes me cry

I am in love with these holiday movie quote cards from La Belle Vie Design on Etsy! Too bad I've already got my cards all written {can you even believe that? where on earth did I find the time? I have no idea!} Anyway, do you think it's too early to stock up on favourites for next year?


  1. i LOVE these cards! what a great idea. and i'm totally with you on the george bailey quote - i always cry at that part too!

    i've been mostly good this year. i have all of my gifts either ordered or planned. but the cards i just started making. hopefully i'll get them out soon!

  2. don't judge me but i have never seen "it's a wonderful life." going to reserve it at the library right now. it may not come in until after xmas but that is okay with me!

  3. My mother would absolutely love this -- It's a Wonderful Life is her favorite movie of all time. I have to confess, I too get a little emotional every time I see it.

  4. It's never to early to stock up. I have the exact same feeling although I haven't started my Christmas cards yet.

    I think you are a superwoman to have done yours already!!

    I wanted to make my cards but that definitely won't happen this year. x

  5. P.S. Your wrapping sounds lovely! White paper and red twine. It will be beautiful!

  6. Would you believe that I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life? Shameful, I know. These cards are adorable though, and I understand the sentiment behind them :)

  7. It is never too early to buy Christmas cards and these are worth investing in definitely.

    I could lose a fortune on Etsy!


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