Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dylan's first Christmas concert!

So, as you may have guessed, we all got sick last Thursday night and it took us days to recover. It was awful, I missed the last day of school with my class, didn't get to attend the fancy supper with Santa that I planned for the masses, and it slowed us right down on finishing our living/dining room project, too. Grrr. I was running extremely low on the Christmas spirit, let me tell you! As soon as we were feeling the teensiest bit better, we got back to painting {difficult to say the least... have you ever sat in a room full of paint fumes while fighting off a nasty case of nausea?} I've hardly posted on here at all {thank goodness for the daily advent windows, at least!}, and I haven't been visiting any of your blogs as much as I'd like to either. I'm so sorry, because I know all sorts of exciting things are going on in all your various parts of the world and I always love to catch up with all of you. Anyway, I'm on holidays now, we've done as much work on the house as we're willing to before Christmas, and it's time now to get festive! I've got a billion photos to share with you, but first... how about a kindergarten Christmas sing-along? {thank goodness the flu bug didn't attack until after the school concert}

Love, love, love!

That's Dylan on the top left, in case you weren't sure. He's the cutest one. And the best singer, of course!


  1. They are so precious! I love when they rub their little tummies! Merry Christmas Erin :)

  2. aww that was so cute :)

  3. Aww....how sweet! "Nibble, nibble, nibble!"

    Hope life is slowing down for you! :)

  4. Too cute! I'm so sorry to hear you all got sick! Good luck getting everything done this week -- it always feels like a mad dash in my house too (though I blame that entirely on my mother).

  5. He is just too adorable for words and really looks like Sawyer in this vid! Love your laugh in the background and the stars/snowflakes behind them.

    Hope your house is becoming merrier by the minute!


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