Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas shopping made easy

We've been finding it challenging, keeping the boys entertained and out of the way, during our ambitious (and neverending) renovation project. Close off the living room and dining room, pile up furniture and building debris in the kitchen and hallway, and that doesn't leave a lot of places to play. One day last week though, they made up a really great game in their bedroom and it kept them happy for ages. Check out their "Christmas store"... those little tags had prices on the back of them. And they were collecting real money!

Blurry, but cute... Dylan's bed featured stuffies and Christmas hats, all at very reasonable prices!

Sawyer was still covered in his mysterious rash at this point (sooo glad that's cleared up now...) He was happy to sell me a stack of Christmas books off his bed though!

Little entrepeneurs, my two... They made enough money to take us all to Starbucks for hot chocolate (and then we came home again to get back to work)


  1. aaaawwww! what clever little boys you have. i love that they required real money. smart little guys!

  2. Awesome, did you buy me anything? ;)


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