Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas ornaments!

I'm taking a break from the painting tonight. We're into a groove now, and progress is really being made {it should be! we've been up past 1 o'clock every night this week}. All three boys are asleep, I've allowed myself some time to ignore the renos and tidy up the kitchen, and I'm now sitting down with a cup of tea and thinking about how sweet my baby boy was tonight in his first ever school Christmas concert! {video clips tomorrow, I promise!} It was a nice night, after another nasty couple of days. Sawyer woke up in the middle of the night last night with the stomach flu, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't spread to the rest of us. There are just 9 days left until Christmas, and I am determined to enjoy them and start feeling festive {tonight's concert was a wonderful start, actually...}

Another thing that's got me in the holiday spirit this week is the arrival of many ornaments in my mailbox!

^ This fun tin Santa came from my lovely swap partner, Sheba, in Toronto.

She chose it for me because "What says Christmastime as much as Santa?" {my boys would have to agree!} and because it had been made by hand in India, from recycled pop tins. Very cool. She also sent this adorable little mirror, and bought a matching one for herself. I'm certain Sheba and I will be great blogging friends. The card she wrote to me was so nice.

^ My dear friend Kelly, who used to live down the street from me, is a great letter writer. She's also very crafty. Look at the cute little Christmas tree she stitched for me. I love the buttons!

^ Fantastic Em {queen of all things postal!} picked up this felt ornament for me on her recent trip to Budapest. It will go perfectly with all the other red and white ornaments. Merci, cherie!

^ And finally, Micaela {who I met through last year's ornament swap! hard to believe we've only known each other a year!} sent me this darling little teacup. So perfectly me!

I love, love, love ornaments and all the happy memories I think of as I unwrap each and every one come tree-trimming day each December. Thank you, ladies, for all the ornament love you've been sending in the post! I've had some wonderful cards the past couple of days as well, and if I can find a tidy spot to keep them, I'm sure they'll be up and on display by the end of the weekend, so I can take a photo to show you. And who knows, maybe we'll be all painted and cleaned up, and ready to bring home a great big Christmas tree! Say a little prayer for me won't you, just to be sure?

xo Erin

PS: I'm sorry to have been so absent from your blogs lately. Life is crazy and it just keeps getting in the way. Am thinking of you though, and checking in as often as I can!


  1. I LOVE SHEBA. If I didn't have such fantastic partners myself, I'd be jealous that you got her. Lovely ornaments all around! Looks like your Christmas is off to an excellent start. Looking forward to the cute little videos!

  2. These are all so lovely! How lucky you are, to get so many wonderful, Christmasy packages in the mail!

  3. So many cute ornaments! There's nothing like getting fun mail. Hope things calm down over there and you're able to relax soon.

  4. fun ornaments, little boys in christmas plays are the greatest {i can't wait to see that clip!}, and i'm sending you all my prayers, extra energy, and lots and lots of hugs!

  5. kelly is super talented! that ornament she made is gorgeous!

  6. I'm thinking of you lots lately regarding your renos... I have complete faith that if anyone can pull it all off - it's you!!

    Love love

  7. Nice ornaments. Good luck finding space on your tree. I think you're going to have to start putting up two trees.

  8. wow, it must feel great to finally have a moment to sit down.

    so glad you received the ornaments without any breakage along the way! that tea cup is adorable and i love the two fabric ones.

    hope your renos get done in time!

  9. i love the stories behind each ornament and how Sheba got you both matching ones... darling!

    i ADORE how em wrote your name ;) ha cuuute!!!

    i am thrilled you got mine, not just because it's so perfectly you but i was hoping it'd get to you in one piece ;) hurray! it is SO hard to imagine we've only known each other a year... i am soooo glad we have become dear friends! x

    i am praying for a christmas tree for you because i couldn't imagine you darling without one!

    we understand you're busy sweetie, so take your time and we will be waiting (hopefully to hear that you did get a tree! and to see new pics of your reno!)

    i can not wait to see concert clips! :) I LOVE IT!!!



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