Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday through the window

Good morning from my lovely library. It's so peaceful and quiet in here, and I'm enjoying a cup of tea before the day begins. It's another Tuesday in October, so allow me to share the view through my windows this morning?

This is the road we drive to drop Sawyer off at playschool before Dylan and I head to school. It's very rural, very quiet and the leaves on the trees are gorgeous (and yes, I did stop to take the picture through the windshield! driving and photography do not mix...)

Heading back into Langford now. Wow! There wasn't any traffic at all this morning, was there? Guess I missed it somehow... Lucky me!

And now, here I am at work. My library is located in the centre of the school building. I have lots of windows and skylights, so it's very bright and airy. There's the door into the hallway, and further along, the door that leads outside onto the field and playground.

The bell has gone and the kids are in their classrooms. It's quiet outside on this beautiful October morning. Want to come play hopscotch with me?

Thanks to Julie at Swedish House for hosting the Tuesday Through the Window series. I'm enjoying it so much! It's fun to take a peek at everyone else's view... Won't you play along, too?


  1. that looks like such a beautiful drive through the trees! and your schoolyard is so cute! i always loved being in schools, and seeing these photos makes me miss being a teacher!

  2. Beautiful shots, and Langford looks like such a beautiful place!


    ps: a living room refurb is what we're going through now. It really isn't fun, but we're through the worst of it now, just painting to do!

  3. I'm so jealous of your job! Really, love it! I smiled when I read 'good morning' It's past midnight here and I'm ready to go to bed.

  4. I love that we got to see a wee peek of where you work and your drive. Those trees and the light through them -- you're really lucky. It's scenes like that that make me miss the north.

  5. Oh -those pictures make me a bit homesick - looking forward to seeing that and so much more in November - so excited about dinner!!! See you soon Love ya Kell

  6. Hellooo Erin
    SORRY and thank you for your patience...the last 2 weeks have been hard...just feeling now that I am a bit more on solid ground.

    Thanks for sharing your great views TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINDOW I especially love the still, quiet playground...the silence is tangible after the bell has gone and the children have all returned to class. Your car journey views are wonderful too. I love autumn days...



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