Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ready, stuffed, one more good-night kiss

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It's getting late and I should really get to bed, but first a 3BT... something nice to fall asleep thinking about.

1. My costume and Dylan's are laid out on the couch, and Dylan's pumpkin is waiting by the front door. It's going to be an exciting day at school tomorrow!

2. Came home to a mailbox full of love this afternoon. Letters and parcels make me so happy, and make my faraway friends feel so much closer. I'm looking forward to sending some fun things in reply, starting this weekend.

3. I like to sneak into the boys' bedroom late at night, lean over them and kiss their rosy cheeks. I whisper "I love you" and sneak back out. I hope they hear it in their dreams.

Good-night, my lovelies! I wish you sweet dreams, too.


  1. Ah i love the mail man :) have a lovely Halloween weeekend! xx

  2. i loooooove mail! i've been getting and sending lots of it lately.
    i kiss my son in his sleep, too. so sweet and cosy.
    have a good day!

  3. Did it finally arrive??

    There's nothing like good mail. I need to send out more little cards to people.

  4. #3 nearly made my cry... how beautiful and precious. i do that with max sometimes ;) someday, i can't wait to do that with our little ones. sigh!


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