Wednesday, October 06, 2010

London Loves: The London Eye

Old meets new in London

We've been home a little over a month now, and there are still so many photos to go through, so many memories to share.

One of our favourite days out was this one... the day we went on the London Eye! Dylan was waiting our entire trip for this day, and he was so excited to finally be flying high above the Thames! He was not impressed, however, with the fact that we had to share our pod with about 20 other people. Turns out he was expecting we'd have the whole thing to ourselves! {wonder how much that would cost?!}

On Hungerford Bridge- so close now!

County Hall far below us {look at those teeny tiny people!}

Another pod coming up behind us

Looking down on the Thames... see the Houses of Parliament on the right?

Happy boys, way up high!

You know you're high up whenBig Ben looks tiny...

Coming back down to earth {wow, do I ever look tired... this was nearing the end of our extremely busy and often emotional trip and I was just exhausted}

Dylan took about a million photos during the half-hour journey

Family photo, taken by some cheerful tourists

Have you ever been on the London Eye? It's expensive, but it's pretty amazing. Even if you're afraid of heights {like me}, I think it's worth spending the money and facing the fear. You'll never see so much of London all in one amazing panoramic view...


  1. hi!! I'm glad you've been on my blog. Wow, I always wanted to go to London, and I see you're from British Columbia!! Fifteen years ago I was almost moving to Vancouver, but hten I had to stay here for family reasons. I'm from milan but i've been living in the counrty around Verona for eight years, and I love it.
    You have a nice family, your kids are too cute!!

  2. Oh I loved the eye! Such a great view and good way to see things considering we only had two days. Your right though it is expensive, I probably wouldn't do it on my next trip.

  3. I got REALLY emotional reading this post! It's funny because although I have only ever been in London a few short but very precious days - I often get this incredibly LONGING, almost like I'm homesick, for it. I guess it's from just being in love with the city since I was 10. I've just always known in my head that it was my idea of heaven on earth! So when I look at your photos it almost makes my eyes water from longing! I LOVE the London Eye. LOVE it! I love these family photos!! :) The one of you by yourself is gorgeous!! I didn't see tired - I saw beautiful! Thank you sweet Erin for taking me back to my favourite place with this post!!! I relived it again through you!

  4. I LOVE the London Eye...and if you ever get the chance it BY NIGHT! Magical

    P.S. Perhaps another view from the window...?

  5. the whole time we lived there we never did but we finally went on for my parents 25th wedding anniversary and it was amazing :) I'm still so glad you all had a good time :)

  6. Woo! This looks amazing! I knew the London Eye was big, but until I saw a view of London from the top, I had no perspective for it! Great photos - and I love that Dylan was so excited for the ride.

  7. Great photos & good memories of the "flight" I took on the London Eye back on my birthday in 2001, with your sweet husband (I guess he was actually still your fiancé at that point!) on the ground snapping pictures as our pod came back to earth.

    I remember my knees going all shaky at first, but the nerves were worth it for the fabulous view!

  8. oh my gosh! i would have been so scared! i'm pretty scared of heights and i hate small enclosed spaces, so the combination would be pretty terrifying {i always take the stairs and don't trust buildings that force you to use the elevators}. so with that in mind, i'm glad you guys survived your experience! :)


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