Saturday, September 25, 2010

London Loves: A pint at the pub

Although I didn't get to attend any pub quiz nights this time around (ooh, I love a pub quiz!), we did visit many a pub during our stay in London.

The first pub we went to was this fabulous old farmhouse. It was a birthday party and all the cousins were there.

Alan and Sawyer enjoyed some traditional English pub fare.

Paddy and wee baby Joe had a pint!

Then the two of them chased all our combined kids around the playground for a bit. Yes, that's right! A pub with a playground. Awesome.

In central London, I just had to swing by the Maple Leaf Pub, near Covent Garden. Oh Canada!

A little bit of home... I bet they watched the Olympic gold medal hockey game here last February!

Pubs in London often have outdoor spaces. This one was a few tram stops from our hotel and upon discovering it had cheap food and colouring books for the kids, we visited it a few times. Don't you love that lamp post. Hello, Narnia...


Sawyer and I with my dear friend Barbara. The rest of the kids are off playing the slot machines.

See? Told you.


  1. hahaha! cute! especially the slot machines. : )

  2. That is something the English is good at, the pubs are just something else there!

  3. I so miss the London pubs! They are the best places to hang out, have a meal and a chatter. Sigh.

    I'm also a big fan of pub quizzes. Before we had the tsunamis, we used to front up to a local for a regular trivia night with a bunch of mates. Best night of the week. I'm such a nerd, but easily pleased! x

  4. I love a nice pub! I might have been in a few this week...! And thanks for the birthday wishes Erin! x

  5. That looks like a lot of fun! I can't believe they had a playground. That can't be safe for the drunk adults :)


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