Wednesday, September 29, 2010


... these fun grey sneakers from J. Crew. Perfect for fall! They'd look great with a comfy pair of jeans, and I've got just the grey stripy sweater to wear with them, too. I think it's meant to be!

spotted on hooray design


  1. I don't even like sneakers and I think those are pretty! :) I think it's the ladylike laces . . .

  2. I love the ribbon! Those little details just add a bit more femininity.

  3. Absolutely adorable! I have way too many sneakers, but these are hard to resist.

  4. They look so sweet. The ribbon lace adds a nice girly touch.

    I'm glad that you started a children's book collection early. I like the sounds of your collection. Now I won't feel so weird to start mine :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I love the contrast of the grey sneakers and earthy laces. I am going to hopefully write you a letter over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled x


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