Friday, September 24, 2010

Flowers for your Friday

I love those little orange lanterns, don't you?

Fridays are really getting away from me these days. I used to have Fridays off and would ease myself into the weekends. Now I work Fridays and spend my day with the wild and crazy 1st graders. I barely have time to stop and catch my breath, and I certainly don't have a chance for a Friday flowers post! Not until 9:30 at night, anyway.

I'm not complaining. It's fun teaching the primary kids again. I'm still finding my groove though, and getting my head wrapped around working with the little ones. Today was good. I managed to get everything done, and we even had time to do some painting (which they loved). After work, Nerine and I went for a latte (we needed it, after a day spent constantly talking and encouraging and reminding and reading aloud... our throats needed something warm and soothing!) Then we went with some other staff members to the driving range for a burger, beer and bucket of balls! Let me just say, I am soooo not cut out for a career in golf!

Tonight I'm staying home, drinking tea, watching some dvd extras with Alan (ooh, LOST, I love you so...) and just taking it easy. As for the weekend, no big plans. A run or two, some grocery shopping, a tidy-up around the house, and a phone call to a lovely sister-in-law for her birthday. Oh, and I also have a huge stack of letters I need to write! Will one of them be to you? Just maybe... Guess you'll have to wait and see!

Happy Weekend, my dears. Enjoy it! It's the last one of September... (do you even want me to mention that it's exactly 3 months until Christmas Eve? no? okay, sorry! forget I said anything...)

Erin xo

PS: I am way behind on my London posts. But I promise there will be more photos this weekend! I'm workin' on it...


  1. Beautiful Flowers Erin!
    Relax and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh, can I ever understand how teaching gets in the way of, well, everything else in life?? I, too, have a stack of letters to write (and I WANT to!), and so much preventing me from doing so. Maybe I'll do it during football tomorrow :)

  3. Yay Christmas! I'm ready to be excited about it... : )


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