Sunday, August 08, 2010

Guest Post: Megan's trip from Australia to the UK!

Today's guest poster is the lovely Megan, from Canberra, Australia!


Hi there, this is Megan from Time after Tea and I have been asked by the lovely Erin to guest post while she and her family are on an English adventure. Last year I was lucky enough to head to Europe and the UK for 5 weeks with one of my best friends. To say I had an absolutely amazing time is an understatement! I thought since Erin is heading to England, I would share my time in sunny London with you all.

Big Ben from aboard the London Eye

When I think of my time in London I think of shopping, sightseeing, eating and amazing hustle and bustle. London really is one of those iconic world cities that you dream of visiting and when you get there your dreams are more then exceeded. The food in London was really good, either that or we were good at picking amazing restaurants. We had delicious Indian, sushi and even went to a pub that boasted having over 20 different flavors of Cider. I was determined try them all but 3 pints of cider later and I had to call it quits.

We only had 2 days in London and divided them into one shopping day and one sight seeing day. Well shopping in London wasn’t like anything I had experienced before; I think I could shop on Oxford Street everyday and never get bored. The most memorable shop for me was Thorntons full of delicious chocolate, how could I resist?

Megan and boyfriend Johnny Depp!

Our sightseeing day was really good but trying to see as much as possible in one day meant we felt quite rushed and didn’t get to enjoy everything as much as possible. We ran from the London Eye, to Buckingham Palace, to Madam Tussauds then stopped for some fish and chips, of course. We then headed to Harrods which I have to admit was one of my favorite places in London. To me this wasn’t a shop it was a museum full of amazing clothes and accessories and not to mention the food. It definitely made our long day worth it.

Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guard

Two days in London was not enough time at all and I cannot wait to head back one day and fully explore this beautiful city full of history and culture. I am so glad that I kept a travel journal whilst away as it helps me to remember all the amazing adventures that we had. Have you been to London? What did you enjoy most? What did you not enjoy? Do you hope to go and what are you looking forward to seeing? I would love to hear about your experiences.

Thank you Erin, for giving me the opportunity to guest post on Pughs' News. It is my first time guest posting and I was so excited to be able to share one of my favorite holidays with you all. I can’t wait until Erin gets back and we get to hear all about her time abroad.


My thanks to sweet Megan for this wonderful guest post. As I put it together, I'm getting very excited to be back in London again! I'll have a tea and some chocolates for you at Thorntons, Megan... and I promise to send you a postcard!


  1. Well done Megan. As someone who loves visiting London I am so glad you liked it. I love the river trips and the wonderful Covent Garden, where you can be entertained all day.
    Erin..hope you are enjoying your visit too!

  2. I live in the UK and have only been to London once as a 10yr old, so really have to plan a trip now.

  3. Oh this makes me want to go ASAP! I love it!

  4. love time after tea's megan and love london too! how fun to have them together in this post!

  5. Megan, you are the prettiest! your smile is fantastic! except correction: Johnny is MY boyfriend ;) haha

    i have never been to London (though it's my twinkie's heaven on earth as you know and homeplace to my baby's daddy Robbie Williams HA) so thank you for "taking me" ;)

    i'm sooo excited for these guest posts! and to hear more about the summer of a lifetime trip of yours.


  6. Fantastic post Megan! I definitely want to visit England one day and this sounds like an amazing experience :)

  7. I LOVE this post so much Megan!!! Thank you for taking me back to my heaven on earth! I love London with all my heart and always enjoy reading other people's experiences. I had dreamt of London my whole life and I completely agree Megan - "when you get there your dreams are more than exceeded." I was only there for a weekend and I tried like you to cram everything in and completely missed out on the shopping in Harrods. One day I'll go back and I just can't wait! :)


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