Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally, tea in the park, bargain hunter

On the little bridge in St James' Park

My late night, pouring rain, one more day in London, 3BT:

1. Am finally going to meet my friend Cassie tomorrow. We've been waiting for this moment for a long time. And I'm really excited!

2. We sat for hours on a bench in St James' Park today. The boys ran on the grass and watched the squirrels and had races up and down the path. It was lovely, especially when Alan walked up to the cafe and brought me back a cup of tea.

3. Found some fabulous deals on Oxford Street this morning. Hello, back-to-school clothes!

It's way too late as usual and we're off to Suffolk in the morning, so I'd better say good-night. Don't want to waste a moment of our last full day in England.

Erin xo

PS: I forgot to mention that we're having a curry for dinner tomorrow night. With naan bread. Mmmmmm, boy! I can't wait.


  1. awe....sounds like you are having the best time! enjoy your last full day....and meeting cassie! what fun!

  2. Mmm...Indian food. Enjoy your last days in England and have fun with Cassie!

  3. wow. what an incredible adventure. love everything england. we lived there for a year, you'll have to check my mom's blog, she's been reminiscing about it!

    can't wait to hear about all the details and that curry. delisch.


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