Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Counting down to take-off

I'm a bit of a nervous flier, so although I am beyond excited about jetting off to London the day after tomorrow (!!!), I am also feeling a bit sick to my stomach about getting on a plane. I'm sure I'll be fine once we're on board and comfy with our books and magazines and drinks and snacks and crayons and movies and all the other distractions (so long as there's no turbulence... I hate turbulence!) But right now I'm a just wee bit anxious. Slow, deep, cleansing breaths, right? And maybe a fake British accent to make me giggle? Good plan. What advice do you have to keep me occupied between now and safely landing in London? I'm sure you're all full of good ideas!


  1. Love it!
    This really made me laugh Erin.
    My advise ...just keep on smiling.
    You will be fine...G & T in your hand in true British Style.
    Bon Voyage
    See you in London

  2. Oh, Erin, I am so with you on this one...I'm also a tad nervous with flights. Specifically when it involves flying over a giant body of water!

    I always slip a magazine in my bag that I'm just dying to read, along with a treat that I love...and I don't allow myself to read or enjoy the treat until take off. It gives me a little something to look forward to, outside of counting the agonizing minutes and turbulant bumps!

    Fingers are crossed for a lovely time!

  3. i know exactly what you mean!! i always get super nervous on planes, to the point of feeling sick to my stomach.
    what helps me is eating a little bit - not a big meal, and not nothing, just a little something.
    i also really like magazines. somehow they're better than books especially during takeoff and landing. it's too hard for me to get distracted with a book, but with a magazine there's lots of pictures and fonts and random information - much more distracting for me.
    i also remind myself how very incredibly rare plane crashes are. really, they never happen. oh, and you can't crash from turbulence - not possible. that helps me too. once a friend of mine who was a flight attendant told me how impossible it is to crash a place because of how many backup plans pilots have. they have dozens of safety plans for every possible little thing. so you're really super safe!
    hope that helps!! and thanks for your sweet comments! it's great to be in a cute new home {and back in blogland}. :)

  4. Keep a positive attitude my lovely friend - all will go great - have those magazines ready. I agree with you tubulence sucks and I hate it too, but you will have so much to keep you mind occupied, snacks, mags, books, and two little boys who are going to be very excited and need mommy calm and collected. (if the bumpys happen I hold on to the arm rests squeeze them as hard as I can and close my eyes and picture a calm, beautiful place I want to be - sounds stupid but I find it helps- for me) I will keep my fingers crossed for a SMOOTH trip! Take care

  5. Haha I'm a nervous flyer too. But I think you have it covered with distracting yourself. I always have books, mags, watch movies etc. I feel that it helps to keep myself busy. Once I'm in the air I will usually calm down.

    I hate turbulence too but again I will distract myself or talk a lot to take my mind off it. xx

    Have a wonderful and safe trip!! x


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