Saturday, July 03, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

Good morning! This Saturday is shaping up to be an even busier one than I'd anticipated, and it's not even 8 o'clock yet. My mom just called to say there will be a "big digger" at her house this morning, ripping up her front lawn and would we like to come and watch it? Ummm, yes please! I say this on the boys' behalf... because seriously, what little boy isn't wild for construction vehicles? I, on the other hand, would rather be here on this amazing deck, lounging on one of these lovely chairs, overlooking the serene pool and stunning countryside...

Not that I won't enjoy the digger, too! But I'm sure it will be kind of noisy. And the serenity of this photo is just calling to me this morning. How about you? Which would you choose?! ;~)

Happy Weekend!


  1. I would choose relaxing on the deck for sure or maybe if there was a deck and you could see the digging maybe then I would watch that.

    Either way, relaxing is the way to go. x

  2. Sounds like a Bob The Builder morning to me!

    I think as fab as diggers are, I too would rather be sat on one of those loungers.


  3. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Erin! It sounds like you have so many exciting things going on!

  4. Hey, doesn't this picture remind you of the backyard in Pommiers? It must be the view... lovely!

    {Speaking of Pommiers, France & Jean-Yves are sure happy to have that pool these days... there's a heat-wave going on in Lyon right now!)


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