Monday, July 26, 2010

Much Love Monday

Happy Monday, my friends! Can it really be that today is the last Monday in July? That we're already almost half-way through the summer holidays? Say it isn't so! I'd like to slow things down a little this week, to just sit in the sunshine and feel the breeze and keep my eyes closed for a nice long while. We'll see...

Anyway, since it's Monday, I think it's time to share the love, don't you? Here are a few things that have got me smiling at the moment:
  • My brother is home from the hospital and recovering ~ hallelujah!
  • The weather forecast is nothing short of fantastic, which means more beach/park/BBQ time in our future :)
  • On Thursday, I'm off to Vancouver to see my favourite (usually faraway) friend, Em!!! We are having a girly night of pedicures, appies and martinis, followed by a sleepover, a long lazy Friday and then a weekend of wedding party fun (including a dance party in her parents' carport! awesome!)
  • Alan's on his way to join me for the festivities after work on Friday night... it will be the first time we've been away together, just the two of us, since before Sawyer was born! The boys are very excited about their sleepover weekend at Gramma and Grampa's house
  • Watermelon, and plenty of it! (I'm not even exaggerating when I say that Alan bought a watermelon that is heavier than Sawyer! It is enormous)
  • Ice cream art by my crafty boys (totally going up on the kitchen wall)

  • And finally, several lovely ladies have agreed to write guest posts for me whilst I'm away (have I mentioned we're off to England in 12 days?!) and they've started arriving in my inbox... stay tuned for a sneak peek later this week!
As always, be sure to link up over on Anna's blog, Much Love, and let me know what you're loving this Monday. Because when you're happy, I'm happy.

Erin xo


  1. Sounds like you have another lovely week ahead of you all. Adore the ice-cream art - I could really enjoy a nice Italian ice-cream right now! Chocolate orange flavour maybe?

    I hope the weather stays wonderful and the week is glorious.

  2. Love the icecreams - very talented boys! Wishing you the warmest welcome to England, in advance.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous week ahead! I just need to get past today because it's supposed to be HOT!

  4. That picture is so cool! I think I want to try that with my watermelon :]

  5. Have so much fun in ENGLAND!

    And I sent you an invite today.

  6. so many happy things! love it. :)

  7. hope you're having a great week - I love their ice cream art! so cute :)

  8. Fantastic! What wonderful week you have ahead.

    It's great to hear that you brother is home from hospital!

    Your boy's artwork is just precious. It most definitely needs to be displayed.

    And I hope your weather stays lovely. You have many plans :)

  9. The watermelon hearts really are great, aren't they? We made watermelon men yesterday (using gingerbread men cookie cutters)... they were awesome!


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