Friday, July 09, 2010

Flowers for your Friday

This has been a lovely long week. The weather has been sunny and blazing hot, so no more complaining from me that summer hasn't arrived yet! We spent this morning at the water park, and this afternoon, I just don't think I'll be able to resist my urge for a slurpee any longer. We'll go pick one up, plus some popsicles for the boys, and head home to sit in the shade in the garden. I've got some letters to finish writing, so I might try to do that, too, while the boys spray each other with the house and run shrieking around the yard!

The weekend ahead looks good, with more blue skies, a morning of splashing in the pool at my aunt's house, another trip to the beach, and I definitely think a BBQ is in order. I might start writing my list of things to do/things to buy/things to pack for England, too. I like to be organized. And 4 weeks from right now, we'll be boarding that plane!

Happy Friday, everybody. Have a marvellous weekend!


  1. Love this dainty little jar of flowers! So pleased the sunshine has made its way to you, so that you can enjoy as much time as possible in that gorgeous garden of yours.

    Hope the weekend is as fabulous as it sounds!



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