Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tumblr Tuesday

I was reading my friend Cassie's blog this morning, as I usually do, and I just have to say I loved her Tuesday post today, and already I can't wait for next Tuesday's! Cassie is a fellow tumblr addict (she's the one who got me started, what with all the gorgeous photos she posts on tinywhitedaisies) and today she's sharing some of her favourite images. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? So I'm going to do the same...

I opened up my tumblr archive and scrolled through it, looking for common themes, and I discovered that there are definitely certain things that strike my fancy. It would appear that I am a fan of:

Eating & drinking outdoors

Ice cream in pretty colours

Brightly coloured paper party decorations

Simple and pretty dresses, particularly when they've got some fancy shoes to match

And that, my friends, is just the beginnning! Stay tuned for other themes and favourite photos in the weeks to come. If you want to check out my tumblr beforehand, please do. I've got hundreds of followers over there, so I'm pretty sure you'll like what you see, too. Maybe you'll even start a tumblr of your own? I wouldn't be a bit surprised! There are just so many beautiful and inspiring images to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing your great find, Cassie! I'm loving Tumblr Tuesday already...


  1. Aww I absolutely love this idea! I might have to do something similar. I have a tumblr too but I don't get on it enough. I will start following you for sure :)

    I loved the colourfulness of this post.

  2. oh erin....everything is so lovely. eye candy...the perfect images to take with me as i tuck myself in bed and say goodnight to tuesday! i love this idea...finding inspirational images is one of my favourite things to do...and so fun to share!
    happy day my friend

  3. Totally gorgeous images! Love the shoes - red my fave.

    I have set up a McLinky for the post and a button ready for next week, fingers crossed someone else besides you and me will join in!

  4. so many beautiful things on both of your tumblrs! i could spend hours looking at those pretty pictures. sigh... :)

  5. I adore your tumblr. So many goodies, so little time. It's just a bucket of awesome inspiration.


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