Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tumblr Tuesday {gather 'round the table}

It's been such a busy week that I haven't had much time to spend gathering photos on my tumblr (too busy baking and icing multiple cakes!) I do have a huge archive full of lovely stuff to choose from though, so I'm still joining in with Cassie's Tumblr Tuesday!

For my theme this Tuesday, I've chosen tables. I love to gather around the table with family and friends to eat and talk and laugh and spend time together (the cleaning up afterwards I do not like, but that's another story). Here are a few images that I especially like...

This first table reminds me of France. I'd love to sit here avec Em, nibbling pain au chocolat and drinking Schweppes Agrume!

via tinywhitedaisies

Isn't this white room fabulous? I love the splashes of colour, the cushions on the chairs and that funky chandelier. It's impractical, what with my boys and their muddy shoes, but I love it just the same. And anyway, if I had a kitchen like this, I'd probably have a maid to do the mopping for me!

This room is just gorgeous. I could happily sit at this table with a girlfriend and while away the hours, drinking tea and chatting up a storm.

Now that it's summer vacation, I am so ready for eating outdoors. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a table like this to gather 'round with a group of friends on a warm summer evening? I'm thinking some baguette and cheese, a plate of fresh fruit, some chilled white wine...
This, to me, is the perfect family dining room. Light and bright, with a big wooden table and lots of room for the boys to spread out their stuff. I can picture us sitting at it to eat our breakfast, with the morning sun streaming in through that big window. Perfection!

And there you have it, another Tumblr Tuesday. Which table do you like best? We've got my parents coming over tonight to have dinner with us for Sawyer's birthday. I'll try to make our table look as pretty as I can, but I've got a feeling it won't hold a candle to any of these. No matter... We've got cupcakes and noisy little boys with chocolatey faces to keep us smiling. And for now, that's all I need!


  1. I have to say my favourite is the last photo, but I am a sucker for big tables. Lots of room for family and friends,...and of course food!

  2. I like the third one best :) I loved all your little descriptions of each - it was perfect! Since it's just Philip and I we usually eat together in our living room (I know it's just horrible that we never actually make use of our kitchen table!!)but with our family visiting we've been having lots of family dinners at my parents house and you are completely right - there's nothing like gathering around the table with family and friends to laugh and enjoy good food and good company. It really is just the little things! :) I love thinking of you and your adorable family celebrating little Sawyer's birthday :) I know you all enjoyed yourselves!

  3. I love your tumblr tuesdays :)

    I'm so excited that you're going to Suffolk with Cassie, have you been to an english coast before? Its amazing, you and the kids will love it! I wish I lived closer now! When are you here til? Will you be heading up north at any point?

  4. That's amazing! I really love beautiful tables where you either can relax or have wonderful conversation.

    I loved them all but I really loved your description of the first table. Pain au chocolate and Schwepps Agrume (one of my favourites)

  5. I love all of these pictures! The first one looked very French to me too and that last one really grabs me - I love the table and the floor, that huge window and flowers!

    Can't wait to have you sitting at my kitchen table this summer with a lovely cup of tea.


  6. Third one from the top -- that's my favorite. I daydream about having a farm table. I've never been one for super formal parties; I much prefer home cooked meals that everyone talks during and laughs over. And that first little cafe-inspired piece? Heavenly!


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