Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday morning daydream

via take it or leave it

In reality, we're off to the preschool year-end picnic this morning. It will be loads of fun, with lots of food to eat and games to play, and pretty red tablecloths on all the picnic tables. It will be noisy and messy and everyone will have a marvellous time. In my daydreams though, I can't help but imagine myself here instead, on one of these lovely loungers. Can you blame me? I think it looks like a little bit of heaven, don't you? Sunshine, green grass, a beautiful big house behind me, comfy pillows, cold drinks and a stack of books. Now that would be a nice way to start off the weekend... (and probably, if you lived in a house like that, you'd have a butler to refill your pitcher of iced tea, wouldn't you?!)


  1. Are there one of those beds going spare?

    Have fun at the big picnic xx

  2. Yeah.... but if you had it you wouldn't have such lovely dreams!! Enjoy your party, come home sling a few cushions on the floor, grab a cold drink....and dream!

  3. I'd have my sexy pool boy refill my drinks, personally ;)


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