Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Search of Summer: Day 9 {at the park}

The In Search of Summer project actually ended yesterday, but I was too busy trying to figure out what to make for dinner, to post any photos (thank you, by the way, for all the fab ideas! I've got meal plans for a week now...) Anyhow, searching for summer has proved to be a bit of a challenge, what with the crazy windy, rainy, chilly weather and the colds we've all been fighting off. I'm off work in less than 3 weeks, with an entire summer stretched out ahead of me (first day back at school is September 7th!), but it just doesn't seem real yet. Fortunately, over the past few days the weather has been warming up, and the time between rainfalls seems to be getting longer. So, fingers crossed that by the time we hit July, the sun will be blazing and we'll be picnicking and hanging out at the beach pretty much all the time!

Here are my final photos in the series, taken last night at the park. The boys rode bikes and played for an hour and a half, and they went straight to sleep last night. Always, always a good thing!

Dylan loved bringing his bike to this particular park. It has a paved path running all around it, and some great hills to race down.

He's also pretty keen on the swings.

Sawyer likes the bouncy see-saw (it usually makes me nervous, but I didn't have to worry this time, since he kept his bike helmet on the whole time we were there!)

I definitely adore the long, light evenings of summertime. Here's to many more!

My thanks to Mary at The Yellow Door Paperie for hosting In Search of Summer. It was a lot of fun! Even if the sun only came out to play a couple of times...

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  1. Dylan looks so much like you Erin on that picture on the swings and I adore Sawyer's digger t-shirt too. He would fit right in here amongst the tractors and machinery!

    Sure the sun will stick around so you can have a fabulous, long, lovely summer.


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