Monday, June 07, 2010

The house tour continued

So (as per request from my sis-in-law, Wendy) I started out by showing you the main floor of our house, and now we're heading upstairs if you'd care to join us...

First off is our bedroom. I'd call it the "master bedroom" but it's not much different from the boys' room, really. It's a bit bigger, and it has a bigger window, but there's no ensuite and there certainly isn't a lovely walk-in closet (in my mind, all masters should have a walk-in... am I right?) Anyway, this is our bedroom. It's cozy, and it will do for now.

Like the rest of the house, it's got great hardwood floors. It also has room for both of our dressers (that's mine you see above)

... and our queen-size bed. I love the headboard of our bed. It's a bookshelf! Isn't that handy? Can you spot Darth Vader in this photo? The room is bigger than it looks in this picture. There's room to walk on both sides of the bed, I have my nightstand on one side and Alan's dresser is on the other. There's a beautiful big plum tree outside the window, too.

Across the hall is the boys' bedroom. Plenty of room for both beds, a dresser, an airplane and about a million toys and books.

This is Sawyer's bed. It was once Dylan's. I love the drawers underneath it, which hold puzzles and games.

Dylan's bed, the toy cubbies, and various math-related posters! (as always, you can click on the photos for a closer-up shot)

The book/toy shelf at the end of the boys' beds. On the wall above it, a map that Dylan drew to tell you how to get from our house to his preschool!

Head out the door and diagonally across the hall to the bathroom.

It's a 70s masterpiece! Note the yellow linoleum floor

And mustard yellow toilet!

Good things this room has going for it are that it's large and has a ton of storage space. One day if our new (white) tub, toilet and sink ever turn up, it'll get a much-needed update.

The one room upstairs that I haven't shown you is the spare room, which I one day hope to turn into a pretty office/guest room. Something airy and bright, and a place to store all my stationery! Right now it's a bit of a mess, so I'm keeping the door closed (as you can see above!)

And there you have it. The top floor tour, done! Next up... the garden. It really is lovely, just you wait and see!


  1. Thank you for the tour it's always great to see other peoples places. I too have the proverbial 'spare room' where no one is shown. I think before too much longer we wont even get our door shut! Where does it all come from.

  2. i love the boys' room! so cute. and i dream of having a bookshelf headboard someday :)

  3. Aw that's lovely. I love to peak into other people's houses. It's nice to see all the personalised elements. And I do agree that master bedrooms should have a walk in wardrobe. Ours doesn't but we do have a little ensuite.

    I adore your bookshelf headboard. That would be very handy.

  4. hello Erin!!

    I just adore your home! I just took the tour from June 2nd as well. I think that, if I lived there, I'd just sit in the gardens all day. They are fabulous! And I love your kitchen table. I'd sit there every morning with some tea:). Thanks for sharing the tour- it's such a great idea and it's nice to see where you come from:).


  5. Love today's instalment of the house tour! The boys room is super cute and I adore the idea of the bookcase/headboard. I really like your funky bathroom too - it has a great feel to it.

    Oh and I have the same spare room!


  6. I absolutely can't wait for the garden!! Your home is so very lovely.


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