Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing up

Today is Dylan's last day of preschool. I remember his first day so well, and now, nearly two years later, his time there is coming to an end. There will be cupcakes and juice and lots of parents taking photos of their kids, all together in one place one last time. Oh, I hope I don't cry.

Last week we went to visit his new kindergarten class, for a sneak peek before the first day of school in September. I think he'll be just fine there, don't you?

He loved the gym, and was determined to sink a ball through a hoop. Height is not an issue!

The end of an era is sad. But the beginning of a new one is pretty exciting too! (that's what I'm telling myself anyway... but I'm still bringing a box of kleenex...)


  1. aw! he's growing up so fast! i used to be a kindergarten teacher and i know how those first days of school are for parents. you won't be the only one with tissues! and before you know it he'll be taller than you and graduating from high school! but you know, for now just get through numbers and letters. :)

  2. awww such a cutie!!! :) My best friend's oldest is starting high school in the fall and she cried when she took him to orientation. Time just flies!!!! You are absolutely right - the start of a new one is very exciting! :)

  3. I think i say this all the time, but he is just too cute. He still has that little boy look about him, even though he is getting so big!! You should pack cute kleenexes on his first day, just so you have something to comfort you. Because, you know, those tears will come :)


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