Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Free" at last!

We kicked off Sawyer's third birthday with a piratey party on Sunday afternoon.

There were presents!

And pirate hats!

Cousins to play with!

Hot dogs and corn-on-the-cob to eat, and noisemakers to blow over and over again!

Isabel loves her cousin Sawyer. She calls him "my Yo-Yo." Easier to say than Sawyer, I suppose... It's pretty cute!

Gramma was there and Auntie Manda too. They were freezing. The hot summery weather I ordered has been delayed apparently...

A quiet moment to contemplate turning three... and to dig through the pirate's booty bag for gold coins!

And now, for the world's most amazing pirate ship cake! Seriously, so proud of the way this turned out! I was really worried, but I think it turned out fantastically well. I took about a hundred photos of it. Here's one of them.

See? Sawyer thought it was awesome, too!

I love how he closed his eyes to cut the cake and make a wish. Adorable.

Thomas really loved the pirate hat and eye patch. I'm thinking he might like some of his own.

The happy birthday boy. "I love my party, Mum!" he told me.

That was Sunday. Tuesday was the day he actually turned three ("I'm free now!" he kept telling us. "Woo-hoo!") He was so excited when he discovered the trike waiting for him in the living room that morning. And check out the bucket at the rear, also full of gifts!

For breakfast we had dinosaur-shaped toast with scrambled eggs. And candles on top!

In the evening, my parents came for dinner, and then we went for a walk so Sawyer could try out his new tricycle.

Then it was back to the house for more presents and more cake!

He was the happiest boy in town!

And already he's asking, "When is my next birthday party? Is it soon?!"


  1. That cake is amazing Erin, you did so well. It looks like he had such a good day, I love little kids birthdays they just enjoy it so much. A belated birthday to the little man.

  2. Your talents are being wasted at school Erin!!! You must take up party planning and cake decorating!! I am ridiculously impressed with all of it and am pretty sure I am hiring you to do all of my kids' birthdays for the rest of their lives!

    Your boys are very blessed with an amazing (and talented!) mummy xox


  3. The cake was absolutely incredible!! Love it!

    What a fun birthday week that little boy has had and so lucky to get all those pressies too. He looked so happy!

    PS: I also love Dylans little sleepy face in the first trike picture - wonder what he's thinking?

  4. Oh my goodness! You made that cake? It is adorable!

    And that photo of Sawyer with it is PRICELESS! His little expression! :)

  5. Erin, you threw an awesome party!! And that cake is stunning -- you can see it in Sawyer's face how happy he was.

  6. Erin, I actually have tears right now, seeing how utterly happy Sawyer is. Your cake is fantastic, the party was a hit, and I love the pics of the morning trike full of more prezzies as Big Brother looks on. Makes me so excited for all the birthdays to come with our two boys.

  7. Um, that cake? Wow!!! Bravo!

    Oh, and that cute 3-year old of yours? He's pretty nifty too!


  8. I love the one of him with his eyes closed wishing. He looks like he's in his own little imagination dreaming of his wish.

  9. Looks like the festivities were just that, FESTIVE!!! Funny, I made the exact same cake for Mac's third birthday, also a pirate theme. Love the reactions of Sawyer in the pics, a very cute kid!

    And by the way, Happy Summer Vacation!


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