Friday, May 28, 2010

In Search of Summer: Day 2 {brrrr!)

There is nothing at all about today that is summery. Unless you count those times when you were a kid and you looked forward to a camping trip for weeks and weeks, and then when you finally got to the lake you sat shivering under a tarp while your dad tried to put up the tent and light a fire in the pouring rain. Then I guess it's rather summery indeed.

Seriously. It does not feel like the end of May. It feels like November! The air is cold, it's windy and raining and dark outside. I've had to dive into my tumblr to find a good summery picture to share today. I love a tall, cold glass of freshly brewed iced tea in the summer time, don't you? Alas, I think I'm going to have to make us some hot chocolate instead, and hope tomorrow is a bit warmer and a whole lot sunnier than today. Send me some sunny thoughts?

image via here

PS: Go check out the other In Search of Summer posts on the sidebar at The Yellow Door Paperie. Some of the participants actually live in warm, summery type places. Must be nice...

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  1. It's been a touch better than that here. At least the sun was shining though the wind was a bit cool. Your drink does look very summery though. Hope things improve over the weekend.


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