Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the bag

Micaela recently tagged me to take part in something that's been making the rounds of the blogosphere... show your readers what's in your purse! Well, it's not very exciting, but I'm happy to say it's a new purse (thanks, Amanda!) so I haven't had time to fill it up with receipts and gum wrappers and fifteen pens just yet.

In the bag yesterday (and most days): my wallet, keys, sunglasses (I never go anywhere without my sunglasses, even in the winter), cell phone, little black and white bag containing a lipstick, concealer stick and lip balm, some stamps (just in case I'm inspired to write a quick letter, I like to be able to send it off immediatement), some gum, my little notebook/calendar (merci, Cassie!), a pen, a fab vintage Paris postcard that I got from Em the other day and finally, my "I love Sawyer from LOST" travel mug! (I don't usually carry it around in my bag, but we were heading out to Starbucks after I took the photo)

There you have it, internet. My life spilled out before you!

I'm going to tag Amanda (because she gave me the purse and the mug!), Cassie (because she gave me the notebook), Em (because she sent me the postcard and because she's planning to start that new blog any day now) and Kimbirdy, just because she's awesome. Open your bags, girls! Let's take a peek!


  1. I think I had better clear my junk out before I post any pictures of my own!

    Nice to see the little diary I sent tucked in there and I agree about the sunglasses. Mine never leave my handbag all year long.


  2. i really love the new purse!!! :) and what you carry inside it because so much is sentimental.

    i remember your lipstick talent so i knew that would be in there ;)

    thank-you for playing! :) the sawyer gift, i still can't get enough of! i love it.

    speaking of postcards-- i got your penguins classic yesterday and LOVED it!!! i even had max read it because your advice for marriage bliss was perfect!

    thank you soooo much sweet friend :)


  3. I love your purse. And you have so many lovely things in your bag.

    The postcard is really great!!

  4. I will do this. I promise. Just need to take the photo first.
    PS Nice purse :)

  5. tee-hee! I love these bag posts. I'm not sure why,... I just love being snoopy I guess. :) I'll open my bag sometime this week, but I must warn you, it's a big bag!


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